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Andrea TrankHi everyone, I’m Andrea Trank, mother of three, wife, daughter to parents with Alzheimers, science teacher, adjunct professor of education, yoga and tennis enthusiast, former reporter, activist and athlete.   You have landed at my web site where you can read my insights on yoga, teaching, beading and life in general.  You can also order jewelry here, find out where you can take my yoga classes, sign up for private instruction in yoga and/or jewelry design or work with me on a Wellness plan involving doTERRA essential oils.   Let’s get started.

I started beading in 2001 during summer vacations and winter breaks from teaching. My hobby became my passion.  My passion is now my small, but thriving business. I design my jewelry with the backdrop of the natural beauty of Southwest Florida. My jewelry designs have been sold on Sanibel Island at the exclusive Traders Store and Café, Infinite Karma, Joyful Yoga, Yoga Bird, the Alliance for the Arts, Fussy Female as well as  through my on-line presence and through custom orders.   In addition, my designs have been featured in on-line magazines.

I am on the go all the time, but my family has noticed that I am calmest andAndrea making jewelry happiest when I am sitting at my beading table creating.  I almost never draw out my designs.  Probably not the most efficient way to work, but it allows my designs to grow before my eyes.  A typical necklace for me will involve stringing and removing beads dozens of times before it looks and feels right.  Then it’s the testing time.  I walk around my house wearing the jewelry, asking for my families’ opinion.  Does it scratch, does it catch?  What outfit does it look good on? How does it feel?  People I have made jewelry for say “Andrea’s jewelry feels good on.”  In fact, I encourage all of my potential customers to try it on. I always wear my own jewelry proto-types before I sell them and in fact, have sold pieces right off my body.  I feel so fortunate to be able to spend so much time in a creative way that I am passionate about.

I love being adventuresome with my designs. What I really enjoy is making individual pieces on request to match an outfit, for a special occasion or to personalize jewelry based on one’s own personality and style. You can reach me at email at andrea@heavenlanecreations.com. By the way I live on Heaven Lane, so my company is aptly called Heaven Lane Creations.

Custom Jewelry Designs

My specialties include:

  • Bead embroidery
  • Bead weaving
  • Kumihimo
  • Bead Crochet
  • Chinese Knotting and macrame
  • Viking Weave
  • Wire wrapping
  • Traditional bead stringing
  • Silversmithing

My strength is in mixing colors and creating beautiful wearable patterns

The Heaven Lane Creations online gallery features may of the pieces I have created.  Not all are currently available.  My Etsy Store has my currently available jewelry. However, if you like a style, I will work with you to make a unique version of what’s on-line. Each item is custom designed, therefor the item you see may not be exactly what I make for you.  I will work with you on colors, length, materials.  Costs will be kept at price marked unless you ask for sterling silver or gold.  Turn-around time is one to two weeks depending on the order. Wholesale orders to stores are available as well.

My yoga practice and interest in Health began shortly after my second son was born.  Andrea new profile picture for yoga

I ended up very sick with a stomach problem that was misdiagnosed as Gastro Paresis.  I was put on an intense regimen of medicines that made me more ill.  With the help of a nurse practitioner, I weaned myself off the medicines and began doing yoga.  I also changed my diet and began the life long process of taking control of my health.  That process lead me to train as a yoga teacher in 2014 and in 2015 to add doTERRA essential oils to my life.

Designing custom jewelry to fit your wardrobe and match your personal look. Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

You can reach me through the website contact form or by emailing me at andrea@heavenlanecreations.com .  By the way I live on Heaven Lane, so my company is aptly called Heaven Lane Creations.

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