How is 2017 treating you so far?

Yin-at-happe-for-yoga-newsletter-750x310How are you feeling as 2017 begins?

I have been asking my yoga students that question a great deal this month.  It seems that many people are facing health challenges as the New Year dawns.  If you are like me and are sensitive to world events, pollution, food, etc– you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed and for most of us, our health is a barometer of our emotions and the world around us.

So here are a few ways I am dealing with stress-related issues such as fatigue, musclmy feet on sand 225e aches, poor digestion and difficultly sleeping.

Instead of ramping it up during the day, I am slowing down.

I have been taking naps

I have been taking frequent short walks in nature

I have been shifting my yoga practice to a restorative and yin practice

I am not drinking tap water (too much chlorination and fluoridation). Spring water is a better choice according to my Chinese Medicine Doctor.

I am snacking on seaweed.  (a source of iodine, since so many of our natural sources are depleted)

I am drinking bone broth.

I am making my own foods with organic vegetables as much as possible.seaweed snack

I am using essential oils.  In fact, I made a mixture of coconut oil and oregano and applied it to my feet and my lower back started feeling better.

I am turning off the TV and going to bed early.

I am focusing on what is right in my body and my world and shutting out negativity.


When I feel stronger and can deal with the crazy world again, I will emerge a stronger, more centered self.  I hope this helps any of you who feel similarly.

Here is the thing.  As Danna Faulds says in one of my favorite poems of hers.   Let it all go. “Save your strength to swim with the tide. The choice to fight what is here before you now will only result in struggle, fear, and desperate attempts to flee from the very energy you long for. Let go.”

Andrea being calm for blog

I wish you health and joy in  your day.  Namaste,  Andrea

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Thinking about death to start living

FullSizeRenderI have been pondering end of life issues lately.  It’s no wonder with watching my step dad die and observing all the swirling issues and emotions that accompanied this event.  Illness and death are scary.  I have tiptoed through life – taking as great a care of my physical and emotional health as I can –to avoid the inevitable.  Even saying the word Death has been scary for me.  Doctor’s appointments have also been faced with dread.  I don’t think I am alone.IMG_7793

So how to face our mortality with the same sense of gusto that one faces life is what’s on my mind.

Here are a couple of ideas I have run across in my reading and reflecting.

Be like Steven Jobs and wake up every day and look in the mirror and say “If this were the last day of my life, how would I spend it?”  If you are doing things you love with people and animals you love and not aimlessly, mindlessly going through the motions of your day, then you might feel OK about death.

Staying present in the moment.  So much time is wasted regretting the past and worrying about the future.  Really all that does is waste the precious moments of the present.

Slowing down and breathing.  Observe the quality of your breath.  Notice your heart beating.  Watching my dad die left me in awe of the strength of breath and the heartbeat.  The rest of his body was withering – ten days with no food and only a few sips of water– and yet there he was with his eyes closed but his heart was beating and his breath was still coursing through his body.  Our bodies and soul are amazing.  So is our desire to live.  So for me, no resolutions for this year, just reflection and focus on how to live so I am not so afraid of dying.  Just reflecting “honestly upon our present reality and consider how to build” on what is right in front of us. Maybe finding some serenity in the process.



I wish you serenity and peace in 2017.  Namaste, Andrea

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Heaven Lane Creations – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs. Designing individualized doTERRA oil routines for your health.  Designing custom made jewelry to fit your style.




The Holy Grail of Chakras

Crown chakra image

The Crown Chakra is the Holy Grail of Chakras—it’s the pinnacle—the highest level of your subtle energetic Chakra body

The seventh chakra is the connection between you, the world and whatever God you believe in.  And to be honest with you, it is not that attainable for most of us “everyday folk”.  But does that mean you should not try — no way. Enhancing your crown chakra in any shape or form will enhance your life. Raising your level of consciousness will ease “physical and emotional pain and release endorphins which create happy and blissful experiences for us,”  according to Ambika Wauters , who wrote The Book of Chakras. Chakras_map.svgAnd she adds, “Once we start living from and within the Crown Chakra, we start to be thankful for our lives exactly as they are.  … we accept  trials and hardships that have shaped our spirit.” In all of the readings I have done throughout my yoga training, it is the ritual of working toward higher levels of connection that enhance your live, not necessarily the goal of pure bliss or Samadhi as it is called in Sanskrit.  In fact, according to Vedic tradition, no goal can ever be guaranteed in yoga or life, so the daily practice becomes the goal.

In helping my students work the Crown or Sahasrara Chakra, which in Sanskrit means thousand petals, we spend more time in quiet reflection than in our other Chakra practices.  When I offer my students either doTERRA Rosemary  essential oil if they are having too many visions or Frankincense oil if they need assistance in accessing the higher realm, I invariably get few takers for the Rosemary and many for the Frankincense.

“Frankincense, considered a Holy oil, is used for meditative contemplation, for achieving tranquil states of mind, and for attaining spiritual liberation.  The spiritual and psychological benefits of Frankincense have long been recognized by many cultures and spiritual traditions. On a physical level, the oil of Frankincense helps with nervous system conditions. Because of the high levels of sesquiterpenes, a type of molecules that have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier, Frankincense may help to oxygenate the pineal and pituitary glands, according to .Frankincense is so highly touted in treating a number of physical and emotional diseases and the medical community continues to research more and more of its health benefits.   To top it off, it smells great making it a top seller at doTERRA. Even though it is very expensive, I offer my students to try it topically to help with focus and meditation.frankincense banner

The Crown Chakra Yoga Practice

We do a variety of the hip and hamstring poses to get ready to meditate. See my  Youtube video on sitting comfortably in easy seat.

gentl neck stretch 300 by 225Andrea doing twist 300Tree pose 300dpi

Gentle neck stretches, side to side stretches and twists are done to make sure all blockages leading from the base of the spine to the crown of your head are cleared.  Tree pose is our balance pose to ensure our focus and connection with all living things.

An appropriate relaxation activity for activating the crown chakra is Yoga Nidra.  When I did thisyoga nidra image practice with my students recently, I had several students report some fascinating results.  One student reported being able to visualize the blue pointed star at all 61 points that I mentioned.  Another visualized a colorful Chinese dragon dancing.

I introduce my students to a variety of other ways to quiet their mind and feel connected to their higher self.  Visualizing the color purple,  chanting the OM sound or using either crystal bowls or a 108 bead mala to assist in meditating.  Each of us respond differently to the various approaches of this practice, so I give the students a sampling and encourage them to practice at home.  To find out more about my Chakra balancing series, please fill in this contact form.



I wish you health and joy in  your day.  Namaste,  Andrea

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Heaven Lane Creations – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs. Designing individualized doTERRA oil routines for your health.  Designing custom made jewelry to fit your style.


Is it Kind, Is it True, Is It Necessary?

Throat chakracover photoWhen exploring your 5th chakra, you walk a fine line between speaking honestly from your heart and not hurting others.

If you have spent a good part of your life holding your tongue or feeling that lump in your throat because you are unable to speak up, you might be experiencing an imbalance in your throat chakra.  On the other hand, if you are like many people and you gossip or tell fibs, you could also be experiencing an imbalance in your throat chakra. Imbalances in this Vishuddhi chakra , which means purity in Sanscript, can affect how you communicate with the world. It is, as explains, “the voice of the body. … the pressure valve that allows the energy from the other chakras to be expressed.” When it is in balance you can express “Your truth” and align your words with your “Purpose”.

From a purely physical stand point, imbalances in the 5th chakra, the throat, can manifest itself in the following disorders– sore throats, ear and tooth aches, coughs and colds, stiff necks and headaches. For many years, this was the chakra most out of balance for me.  When I did a lot of soul searching and work, I realithroat-chakra-essential-oilzed there were a number of factors–first, I was a school teacher and I often felt like my students and my own children were not listening and secondly, I often felt misunderstood by my friends and colleagues because I was so blunt.  This chakra which is about “purity, honesty and clarity and knowing what matters to you,” according to, is a filtering system for what is going on in your lower chakras.  (see earlier post). In working with my own throat chakra issues and helping my students balance theirs, I offer two different essential oil blends — lavender blended with coconut oil, if they feel anxious about speaking their truth and an eucalyptus blend if they feel like they need to do less gossiping or be mindful of  hurtful language.

We explore the throat chakra through a variety of poses.

Andrea touching throat

You can either begin in a seated pose with your hips elevated to stretch out your neck (see mini YouTube Lesson) or you can do a standing neck release series (see YouTube Mini Lesson on Bikram Style Neck Release). If you have low back issues, I recommend starting in standing rather than sitting.  We will explore several types of shoulder releases — including cow face arms and eagle arms.  Be sure to do both sides. Many of the poses in this series will look familiar however, the focus will be on the neck and upper back. Then work to the floor.  (see YourTube Video Mini Lesson) In preparation for extended hand to toe pose (Utthita Hasta Padangusthasana), we will warm this pose up on the floor using a strap.  Stretch your left leg on the floor and flex the foot as if you are standing on that foot. Using a strap in your right hand and around your right ball of your foot, raise the leg to the sky and straighten it.  You may draw that foot off to the right side, but be sure, to maintain your left hip firmly planted on the ground.  In other words, don’t go too far off to the right.  Come back to the center and leave your leg up while letting go of your strap. Lower the leg and rest.  Repeat the entire sequence to the other side. Gently roll over and work your way safely up to standing (See Video on Yoga Foward Folds done Safely).   Practice two to three rounds of a sun salutation using the chin, chest, belly pose to transition from plank to cobra. Then working your way back to down dog and safely to standing. (See video for the throat chakra sunsalutations.) We are now ready to do the extended hand to big toe series .  I modify these poses because of my own body limitations. This series is also an excellent way to strengthen your arms and work on your balance.  We will repeat three times– each time making it a bit more challenging.  At any time feel free to do the earlier version of the pose.  Stand straight and tall and put your weight on your left foot, lifting your right knee and holding it with your right hand.  After a few breaths, bring your knee out to the right side however, do not go behind your normal range of motion.  Bring it back to the center and hold the knee up without your hand.  Change sides and repeat.  Second round… using the strap around the ball of your foot bring your right leg up extLions breathending in front.  Hold the strap just in your right hand. Keep your spine long.  Bring that leg out to the right side and back and then release the strap and hold your leg in place for at least two breaths. Repeat to the other side.  The full version of extended hand to big foot is not in my range, but it looks like the image in picture .  If you are doing full extended hand to big toe pose make sure to keep your spine long and do both sides. (click here for a quick video of this routine)

Our remaining poses will be done on the floor on our back.  We will do either plow or modified shoulder stand. Follow that up with fish pose.  Once again, I modify the pose.  Bridge pose with your head tilted back making a second bridge under your head and finally legs up in the air or against a wall. (see YouTube Video) Before going into Shavassana, I introduce my students to two interesting ways of working the throat Chakra.  From a seated position, we practice lion’s breath, which looks exactly as it sounds.  You take a deep inhale in and then when you exhale you roar like a lion releasing your neck and sticking out your tongue. Finally as we prepare for our meditation, we will practice the Jalandara Bandha, the throat lock, in which you inhale deeply and then hold your breath focusing on sealing off your throat  Release your breath and inhale and exhale normally.  Complete three rounds of this practice and then  breath normally as we prepare to chant Hum, the seed sound for the throat Chakra and visualize the color blue.  Affirmations for the throat chakra can include

Throat Chakra Affirmations

I am open, clear, and honest in my communication.
I have a right to speak my truth.
I communicate my feelings with ease.
I express myself creatively through speech, writing, or art.
I have a strong will that lets me resolve my challenges.
I nourish my spirit through creativity.
I live an authentic life.
I have integrity.
I love to share my experiences and wisdom.
I know when it is time to listen.
I express my gratitude towards life.
I listen to my body and my feelings to know what my truth is.
I take good care of my physical body.
I am at peace.

I wish you health and joy in  your day.  Namaste,  Andrea

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Heaven Lane Creations – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs. Designing individualized doTERRA oil routines for your health.  Designing custom made jewelry to fit your style.

Its a Wonderful Life

its a wonderful life image 3

I have been feeling like Jimmy Stewart in the movie It’s a Wonderful Life” !

This summer, I was given the chance to go back in time to visit my college roommate, my family, and my grade school friends and through this journey, I realized the impact I have had on other people.  Don’t get me wrong, I never thought I was useless, but I also never realized how a smiling, positive child who wrote this in her yearbook “ I still believe in love, the best is yet to come” could have left an indelible positive impression on so many people.  It was a reminder to me (40 years later) that all of us put out energy every day that either improves people’s lives including your own or makes them worse.  And through our positive energy we can  affect physical and emotional  health and well-being.

Grateful for RPCoaching  Grateful for flowers 225  Grateful for food

Here are a ten ways (some may surprise you) to keep your energy positive for you and all around you.

  1. Be grateful – as Mindvalley Founder,Vishen Lakhiani author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind, says, Gratitude is the key part of advancing your Blissipline practice. Quoting now, in a study by Robert Emmonds, PhD and Michael Mccullough, PhD “people who simply wrote down five things they were thankful for from the previous week showed a 25 percent difference in happiness levels compared to people who wrote down five negative things from the week.”
  2. Forgive everyone who has hurt you. You don’t have to tell them, but you really do need to release the anger from inside you, which ends up hurting your energy more than the person you are angry with. Lakhiani also has some interesting evidence of the power of this practice.  According to Lakhiani, forgiveness has been shown to increase the Alpha waves when looking at brain scans and it turns out that Alpha Waves are linked to higher levels of creativity, empathy and compassion.
  3. Surround yourself with beauty – flowers, cute dogs, music that inspires. It is hard to stay unhappy when you are surrounded by beauty.
  4. Turn off as many of the negative messages that you can, including TV and social media. I do not read any rants anymore.  It upsets me and I really don’t believe ranting ever leads to positive change.  I once read getting angry about things is like stabbing yourself. Especially if someone else has figuratively stabbed you with whatever action you didn’t like.  Why do you want to put a second knife in your belly?
  5. Do kind things for other people, whenever possible. It is amazing how good you feel when you are charitable to others. A recent study quoted in Mindbodygreen showed that random acts of kindness lead to longer feelings of happiness than shopping.
  6. Figure out what it is that you like about yourself and remind yourself of your good qualities daily. “I have a nice smile.  I make people laugh.  I work hard” are some of the qualities I like about myself.
  7. This is the surprising one. Be careful of what you eat.  All food has energy.  Make sure the energy from that food is clean and positive.  In other words, the food should be made with love and should be grown in a way that does not put toxic energy into you.
  8. Make your home a sanctuary —keep it clean and uncluttered when possible. I have not studied Feng Shu, but I know I feel better when my home looks, feels and smells clean.
  9. Make sure your relationships, your career and your creative energy bring you joy. Nothing is perfect, but you are much more likely to attract and manifest positive energy if you are engaged in what you are doing. (In other words, find something that allows you to get into the flow) Lahkiani calls this “Bending Reality”
  10. Exercise and meditate daily – take a walk in nature, do yoga, sit in silence and breath and allow the collective positive energy of the Universe to infuse every cell with this living breathing sphere we live on known as earth.

I am pleased to have three opportunities to spread my brand of happiness to you.   Check out my yoga classes, my jewelry designs or my health tips using doTERRA  essential oils. Connect with me at


I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

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Yoga, Essential Oils and Healthy Food when you are Vacationing

Andrea in front of the vehicleHow many times have you returned from vacation only to say, “I need a vacation after this vacation!”

Mark and the dogs in Paducah KentuckyIt is a tricky balancing act to have fun and still stay healthy when you are not in your own home, doing your own routine.  This summer, I was determined to figure out how to stay healthy on a 4,000 mile, three-week road trip with my husband and two dogs.

Here are a few tips I picked up and so far they seem to be working (I still have to drive 2,000 miles home).

  1. Bring lots of healthy snacks (carrots, dates, raisins, apples, grapes, celery, nuts)
  2. Bring essential oils (but keep them in a cooler) Heat makes them lose their potency
  3. Every two hours take a stretch or yoga break
  4. Bring a neti pot and rinse out your nose with warmed-up, distilled water and neti wash salts, not table salts.
  5. Stay present so you can notice all the amazing natural and man-made events going on around you (this can also help you avoid an accident)
  6. Sing, laugh and breath (especially if you can’t control what’s going on around you)
  7. Visit the local yoga studios.  Many have drop in rates and its amazing how re-invigorating it is to learn from some one new.

Andrea doing yoga in front of Cracker barrel  Healthy road snacks  Dramatic skies

More Details about Yoga Poses on the Road

I always bring a mat, but if you don’t have one, borrow a towel. Do a simple series of hamstring stretches, twists, child’s pose and sun salutations.  These poses will keep your back, hips and hamstrings limber. At truck stops or in public places, you can do standing poses such as half moon, triangle or the warrior series, which help with fatigue and digestive issues.

Andrea doing crescent moon lunge      Andrea doing side stretch at truck stop  Andrea stretching out  hamstring

 More Details about Using Essential Oils on the Road

Each morning, I take a drop of DigestZen and three to four drops of lemon and put them in my water. Next its oil time for mood enhancing –Balance if I am nervous, Frankincense if my brain is road weary, Peppermint for a pick me up.  My portable medicine cabinet has Breathe for respiratory issues, Deep Blue for muscle aches and On-Guard to protect from illness. I also bring Melalueca and Lavender for skin irritations. I carry a portable diffuser for car odors and use my essential oil diffusing bracelet to easily get the aromatic effects of these great health enhancers.

My supply of essential oils for the road  Another bracelet with peppermint  Hand with diffusing bracelet in car

I can help you with both Essential Oils and the beautiful aromatherapy bracelet to adorn you.

I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

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Heaven Lane Yoga – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

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The Joys of Teaching Magnified in Nature

camp Andrea on the floor teaching

The greatest challenges offer the greatest rewards

Case in point, the week-long watershed education camp I directed at Happehatchee in June involving middle school age children.  Preparing for this camp kept me up for weeks.   You might be thinking “that’s not very yogic of you!”  You are right, I know I am not supposed to worry about things like this – I preach skills for coping daily to my yoga students like being in the present moment and breathing through stress.  But it had been 15 years since I last spent this much time with students in an outdoor setting.  And I had never done so in the hot, stormy Southwest Florida summer. In fact, the week before camp began, we had an unusually early tropical storm.  Zika virus threats, kids running a muck, my counselors forgetting to come and help me were some of my nightmares leading up to camp.  But like so many things we worry about in life, this was not the disaster I imagined, but an amazing experience all around.

Camp all of us in the canoes and kayaks day 4          Camp Evan falling as Savannah looks on

Here is a sampling of the Eco-camp’s greatest moments:

A young girl comes to camp.  The first day she doesn’t say a word, the second day she begins to smile. Day three she is participating fully and on day 4, she is basically doing all the work in a canoe that I share with her. Quietly she whispers “Can I go in the river tomorrow?”

camp Arcelly confident in the canoe

The high schoolers not only show up on time every day,  they bring friends to help.  When one of them is leading an activity, the other young people are cleaning up and getting ready for our next adventure without me even asking them.

The campers eagerly participate in a water cycle game, a fashion-a-fish art activity, and a skit simulating the effect of tides on critters. They build a watershed,  play water games and conduct biological, chemical and physical tests on the river.   The campers decide they will learn science vocabulary bingo words better by teaching the older counselors and myself the words. And if this weren’t enough, they collect trash, discuss world events and twice a day, do yoga and learn how yoga has many of its roots in the natural world. Every day, I go home exhausted but exhilarated by their enthusiasm for our river and their passion for learning.

camp Annie playing water drop game    camp kids doing a skitCamp throwing water balloonscamp Jenna and Savannah 225 by 223  camp owen and savanna sleeping 225  camp Aracely getting in canoe for first time 225camp legs up the air


To learn more about Happehatchee Sanctuary and their programs,  contact them through their web site. To stay in touch with me and find out more about how I work with students of all ages, on the Yoga Mat, in my Essential Oils classes, in environmental programs or through my jewelry making, think about subscribing to my blog please.

I wish you health and joy in your days!

Namaste, Andrea

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Heaven Lane Yoga – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

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Practicing Yoga Poses Is Not Enough

Andrea working with yoga students

This is a strange comment coming from a yoga teacher, but the longer I practice yoga, the more I realize that yoga asanas alone, are not the key.  Yoga has to be part of an overall health and life strategy, which includes eating well, staying hydrate, sleeping the right amount and at the right time, attending to your emotional health and last, but not least, working to eliminate toxics from your life and this world.

doterra  600dpi Andrea smiling pouring into diffuserThis is why I have become a doTERRA Wellness Consultant.   I do not take this role lightly as I have developed a deep understanding of toxic chemicals and their effects on the environment and us.

I began researching toxics 30 years ago as a news reporter. My many environmental stories included uncovering asbestos contamination in a Miami school in the early 80’s, the landfill crisis which left a garbage barge circling  the NY Harbor for weeks,  and the decimation of the Hopi lands in Arizona by a deal made between the U.S. government and the Navajo tribe ( just to name a few).Andrea broadcasting smallWhen I left the field of reporting, I worked for a number  of environmental organizations including Campaign California (an anti-nuke group) and the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.  I ultimately co-founded and operated two environmental education organizations in Charlottesville, Virginia (C.A.R.T) Charlottesville-Albemarle-Recycle-Together and E.E.C. (The Environmental Education Center).  I went back to the University of Virginia to advance my knowledge of science and teaching (receiving two additional degrees) in order to enter the classroom full time as a environmental science and earth science teacher.  The Golden Apple Award I received was based on a project I did with the students on schoolyard habitats at Monticello High School.

Ten years later, I have narrowed my advocacy work from the saving the earth to saving individuals including myself.

So I use my yoga teaching platform, my writing and my work with doTERRA to spread the word about living a cleaner life as a way to exert some control over our health.

DoTERRA Essential Oils can be used a in a variety of ways to support your health goals. I am here to help. Here is a sampling of how I use them –doterra Andrea opening bottle

1) I diffuse them to assist in the purification of  air or to create a better atmosphere in my home emotionally.

2) I inhale them directly to combat seasonal allergies and to fight off indigestion and headaches.

3) I dilute them with coconut oil or other pure oils and apply them directly to the skin where they support my body in the following ways– anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and anti viral.

4) I mix them with distilled water and spray them on my body to keep insects away.

5) I am replacing my chemically-filled dryer sheets with wool dryer balls infused with the oils.

6) I clean my counters with a safe doTERRA mixture rather than using harsh chemicals that can contribute to our liver and kidneys working twice as hard to flush our bodies of toxics.

7) I am saving money by making my own hand wash rather than purchasing dozens of the liquid hand soaps that have hard to pronounce chemical concoctions in them.

8) I make cooling drinks with cucumbers and peppermint oil.

9) I bring a bottle of the lemon essential oils to restaurants and add them to my water rather than use real lemon because I am not sure who has handled the lemons and if they have been washed.

10) I use doTERRA toothpaste,shampoo and conditioner because I want to be able to limit my exposure to harsh chemicals that may be fine for now but could be building up in my system.

11) I add them to my shower, which relaxes me right before going to bed and assists in me getting a good nights sleep.

12) I use them in my yoga and meditation practice to aid in the physical, spiritual and emotional practice.

Most importantly, I am handing more of my daily aches and pains without advil, allergy medicines, sleeping pills, pills for indigestion, pills for sinus relief, etc.

There are many essential oil products being sold in stores and on the market.  But I have researched doTERRA and I feel secure with their 9 step quality control and certification of purity and I like them as a business.  They are putting their money where their mouth is — not only selling these products but working directly with the growers to ensure safe and sustainable practices.

There are three ways I can help you. These services are free.doterra Andrea smiling in front of all products

I offer one-on-one wellness consultations.  You may schedule by contacting me through my website contact form.

I offer classes.  I am trying to do one a month, either at my home or your home. If you host a class, you can earn free products.

I  offer information in most of my yoga classes. See my schedule of classes or contact me personally.

I know it is hard to change habits and in fact, there are many more ways I am exposed to toxics that I am not ready to change.  I still get my hair dyed and I wear store bought make up, but I am determined to do what I can to be healthier and I invite you to join me in this journey of health. Use this contact form to schedule a  free doTERRA wellness consultation.

I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

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It was an Essential Oil Kind of Morning

Doterra image

The Ten Essential Oils I used Today

I was up this morning with my head spinning from the number of things I had to get done — prepare email invites to my son’s graduation, get newsletter out for my business, update my Etsy Store, make prom jewelry, make graduation jewelry, send out email to the tennis team on impending move, visit mom and dad, and that was just my personal list.  Dogs barking, Mark rushing and then the daily morning child crisis.

My sons messy room

Tearing apart Gabes room

Gabe rifling through his room, announces “I can’t find the speakers I sort of borrowed, took from my Baseball Coach. He is threatening to keep me from graduating if I don’t return them.” Move into mom emergency mode and tear his room apart.  No luck.

Wait a minute!!!! I need to stop and breath like I tell my yoga students everyday, and I need to jrely on my emergency home essential oil kit to get  me through this normal, crazy day.

1) Frankincense Oil –a drop on the back of my neck and on the bottoms of my feet 2) Peppermint Oil– a drop or two on my wrists and feet bottoms 3) Lemon Oil – 3 to 4 drops in my water 4) Balance Oil Blend – Inhale directly from the bottle 5)Wild Orange Oil– Place a drop in my palm and cup my nose and mouth and breath. 6) DigestZen Oil Blend — Rub a drop or two on my tummy 7) On Guard Solution — made with distilled water. Place on a clean cloth and wipe door handles because everyone in this house is coughing.

Much better now.  Later on today when I get back from running around, I am going to rub some 8) Deep Blue Essential Oil Blend on me to get the soreness out of my muscles, and run my diffuser with some 9)Purify Oil to get the dog smell out of my house. Tonight as I get ready for bed, need to add 10) Lavender Essential Oil to my diffuser to help me sleep.

If you live in Fort Myers and would like to attend one of my free doTERRA classes, contact me.  I have a class coming up Friday, April 29th at 1 pm.  If you live out of town, I can assist over the phone or through email.  Use the same contact button to send me a note.

Doterra box with oils


I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

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Heaven Lane Yoga – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

Ask me about Doterra Oils.  I can save you 25% and provide you with great, useful information.

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Taking Root – Balancing the Muladhara Chakra

muladhara chakra

Life is always throwing curve balls at us.  Many times these abrupt changes can leave us feeling rootless.  That rootless feeling is often associated with an imbalance in the Root Chakra.

ChakrasThe root chakra, Muladhara, as it is known in Sanscript, is all about security.   Yoga and Essential Oils can help rebalance your root chakra by reducing feelings of anxiousness and helping you feel more grounded. In my experience and readings I have done, there appears to be three ways your root chakra can become imbalanced (bear with me, this is an oversimplification).

  • Something big happens like a job change, change in marital or family status, a death or health related issue that rocks your world.
  • Unresolved issues that might be deep seated related to security from childhood creating long held tension and lower self-esteem.
  • An incredibly busy mind and body that is going all the time, leading to a daily need to ground oneself  with calming practices and daily routines. (I fit into this category)

As a Yoga teacher,  I have been working with my students to understand and balance their chakras.  We started at the beginning with the root chakra, which resides at the base of the spine. (see Blog post for more basics on chakras). When teaching a yoga class focused on balancing the root chakra, I start with an invitation to use doTBalanceERRA  Oils special blend called Balance.  Pure therapeutic essential oils are 1000 times more potent than herbs.  doTERRA Oils  are produced without additives like so many of the oils sold on the market today.

Balance is a perfect blend of Spruce, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, Blue Chamomile, Ho Wood in a mixture of Coconut Oil. The Frankincense has a grounding effect on emotions, while the Ho Wood, Blue Tansy and Blue Chamomile can ease anxiety.  I offer the students a drop of the oil to rub on their hands, their feet or to place on a flat cotton pad. I also diffuse the oil in a mobile diffuser.  We start the class in Mountain Pose 1 (Tadasana) feeling our feet firmly grounded and begin breathing in the oil as a way to feel securely planted on the earth.

Balancing the Muladara ChakraWe set an intention during this grounding which might relate to personal security such as “I know I will make enough money to pay my bills” or “even though I am currently experiencing major health challenges, I will trust in my body and my health practitioners to lead me back to health.” Other yoga poses that I incorporate into a Root Chakra Balancing practice are : Child’s pose 2 (Balasana) with your head on the floor or a block, Downward -facing dog  pose 3 (Adho Mukha Savasana) into low lunge pose 4 (Anjaneyasana).  Working the lower body builds the strength in the legs and flexibility in the hips so that you feel  supported.

Rooting your feet during either a Warrior 1 or Warrior 2 series 5 (Virabhadrasana II) continues to help you draw strength from the earth and your lower body. An obvious choice for a balance pose in such a practice is Tree Pose 6 (Vrksasana), but make sure in all of these poses that you do not  push yourself beyond what feels safe and secure.  Maybe you place your feet on your shin and not on your thigh for tree or stand close to the wall in case you need to support yourself.   Chair Pose 7 (Utkatasana) and Yoga Squat  pose 8 (Malasana) can be added to  your root chakra balancing routine before you come down to the floor.

Part of balancing any chakra is to find balance within yourself between what is known as Sthira and Sukha, strength and flexibility.  Once you steady yourself through the lower body strength work, it is important to find a bit of ease.  So spend the last fifteen minutes of your root chakra balancing class, seated or lying on the floor stretching out your hips and hamstrings with a series of postures including  wind reliever pose 9 (Apanasana) reclined pidgeon pose 10 (Supta Kapotasana), reclined bound angle pose 11 (Supta Baddha Konasana) and ending in Corpse Pose 12 (Savasana). 

Muladara Chakra

In my class on the root chakra, I offer the students another whiff of  the Balance Essential Oil as we say the Root Chakra Balancing Mantra of LAM, LAM, LAM. To experience my compassionate style of yoga teaching, check my Yoga schedule.  To learn more about using Essential Oils, use the form below to send me an email.   

I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

Tennis Golf Yoga ClassesOn Location Yoga Classes EsteroPrivate Yoga Classes Lee County

Heaven Lane Yoga – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

Ask me about Doterra Oils.  I can save you 25% and provide you with great, useful information.

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