Summer 2015 cover design

Look what’s on the cover of the Summer Edition of Creative Spark, an on-line magazine brought to you by the Jewelry Supply Company Znetshows. It’s a necklace I designed  a few weeks ago with their cultured sea glass .In fact, I designed an entire collection of jewelry that you can see in the Creative Spark magazine (click on magazine) starting on page 28. All of the designers in this journal are so creative and they come from all over the country and most like me, are artists,  some of whom are trying to figure out the incredible confusing new world of social media.  In fact, I wrote about that social media struggle on page 142 of the Magazine. (just turn the pages with the arrow as if you are reading a book)


The big question for all the jewelers was  “What about the sea inspires you?”  This is what I wrote:

“In Southwest Florida, the color of the Gulf changes daily.  Every time I go to the beach, I learn something new…  maybe it’s a birSanibelIslandwithleastternsd I have not seen before, or sea pork that has been washed in on  the beach.  One day it’s a beach full of star fish and another day, its sand dollars  or live shells.  It changes daily and each day it is exquisite reminder of the beauty  and drama played out in nature.”  Please tell me what inspiration you get from our amazing Gulf of Mexico!

Peace,  Andrea

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