Is your Vata out of balance?

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If your Vata is out of balance, you are not alone.  Now maybe you are asking yourself…”What is Vata?  How do I know if mine is out of balance?”

Vata is a dosha– in fact, one of the three main doshas according to Ayurveda, the sister science to Yoga.

Sleeping yin pose VataThe other two doshas are Pitta and Kapha.

Doshas are both simple and complicated at the same time.  A dosha can be used to describe your primary disposition (personality, body type, likes and dislikes, what illnesses you are prone to).

I am, for instance, according to many  Dosha tests I have taken, a Vata/Pitta. Vata-like  personality qualities include being creative and outgoing.   Vata body types include  having creaky bones, a sensitive digestion system,  and tendency toward anxiety.

Even if you don’t fit the Vata body type, you could still be experiencing a Vata imbalance if you are over 50 or  if you are experiencing the same season that I am… Fall.  Fall is the start of Vata season.

You see, a dosha can also  be used to describe cycles of life, cycles of the year and cycles of each day.  Fall and Winter are Vata times.  Spring is Kapha time and Summer is the hot Pitta time.

So how do you know  if your Vata is out of balance? For one thing, you feel spacey.  You can’t finish a project, you lose your keys, you are not sleeping well.  Maybe you are anxious, but can’t quite put a finger on what is bothering you.  Your digestive system is off, your body aches and you just don’t feel connected.

More importantly, how do you re-balance your Vata?  You can come to one of my Vata balancing Yoga classes.  I am helping my students re-balance their Vatas in the next few weeks. We will be doing a lot of one side stretch poses  like side plank, revolved triangle and pidgeon and grounding poses such as downward dog and child’s pose.

Nadi Shodana, a breathing practice where you alternate inhaling and exhaling with one nostril shut at a time is also helpful.

doterraA few other practices will help you transition from Summer to Fall.

  1. Switch from eating raw vegetables in salads to cooked vegetables in soups.
  2. Re-establish a regular eating and sleep routine
  3. Spend more time walking in nature.
  4. And maybe consider adding essential oils to  your daily ritual.

I have been doTERRA essential  oils which are said to be grounding and earthy.

Frankisense, cypress and helichrysum can be used both topical and and in your diffuser.  I can also help you with that.  Contact me. 

I wish you health and joy in  your day.  Namaste,  Andrea

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You can reach me through the website contact form or by emailing me at .  By the way I live on Heaven Lane, so my company is aptly called Heaven Lane Creations.

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