Practicing Yoga Poses Is Not Enough

Andrea working with yoga students

This is a strange comment coming from a yoga teacher, but the longer I practice yoga, the more I realize that yoga asanas alone, are not the key.  Yoga has to be part of an overall health and life strategy, which includes eating well, staying hydrate, sleeping the right amount and at the right time, attending to your emotional health and last, but not least, working to eliminate toxics from your life and this world.

doterra  600dpi Andrea smiling pouring into diffuserThis is why I have become a doTERRA Wellness Consultant.   I do not take this role lightly as I have developed a deep understanding of toxic chemicals and their effects on the environment and us.

I began researching toxics 30 years ago as a news reporter. My many environmental stories included uncovering asbestos contamination in a Miami school in the early 80’s, the landfill crisis which left a garbage barge circling  the NY Harbor for weeks,  and the decimation of the Hopi lands in Arizona by a deal made between the U.S. government and the Navajo tribe ( just to name a few).Andrea broadcasting smallWhen I left the field of reporting, I worked for a number  of environmental organizations including Campaign California (an anti-nuke group) and the Virginia Chapter of the Sierra Club.  I ultimately co-founded and operated two environmental education organizations in Charlottesville, Virginia (C.A.R.T) Charlottesville-Albemarle-Recycle-Together and E.E.C. (The Environmental Education Center).  I went back to the University of Virginia to advance my knowledge of science and teaching (receiving two additional degrees) in order to enter the classroom full time as a environmental science and earth science teacher.  The Golden Apple Award I received was based on a project I did with the students on schoolyard habitats at Monticello High School.

Ten years later, I have narrowed my advocacy work from the saving the earth to saving individuals including myself.

So I use my yoga teaching platform, my writing and my work with doTERRA to spread the word about living a cleaner life as a way to exert some control over our health.

DoTERRA Essential Oils can be used a in a variety of ways to support your health goals. I am here to help. Here is a sampling of how I use them –doterra Andrea opening bottle

1) I diffuse them to assist in the purification of  air or to create a better atmosphere in my home emotionally.

2) I inhale them directly to combat seasonal allergies and to fight off indigestion and headaches.

3) I dilute them with coconut oil or other pure oils and apply them directly to the skin where they support my body in the following ways– anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory and anti viral.

4) I mix them with distilled water and spray them on my body to keep insects away.

5) I am replacing my chemically-filled dryer sheets with wool dryer balls infused with the oils.

6) I clean my counters with a safe doTERRA mixture rather than using harsh chemicals that can contribute to our liver and kidneys working twice as hard to flush our bodies of toxics.

7) I am saving money by making my own hand wash rather than purchasing dozens of the liquid hand soaps that have hard to pronounce chemical concoctions in them.

8) I make cooling drinks with cucumbers and peppermint oil.

9) I bring a bottle of the lemon essential oils to restaurants and add them to my water rather than use real lemon because I am not sure who has handled the lemons and if they have been washed.

10) I use doTERRA toothpaste,shampoo and conditioner because I want to be able to limit my exposure to harsh chemicals that may be fine for now but could be building up in my system.

11) I add them to my shower, which relaxes me right before going to bed and assists in me getting a good nights sleep.

12) I use them in my yoga and meditation practice to aid in the physical, spiritual and emotional practice.

Most importantly, I am handing more of my daily aches and pains without advil, allergy medicines, sleeping pills, pills for indigestion, pills for sinus relief, etc.

There are many essential oil products being sold in stores and on the market.  But I have researched doTERRA and I feel secure with their 9 step quality control and certification of purity and I like them as a business.  They are putting their money where their mouth is — not only selling these products but working directly with the growers to ensure safe and sustainable practices.

There are three ways I can help you. These services are free.doterra Andrea smiling in front of all products

I offer one-on-one wellness consultations.  You may schedule by contacting me through my website contact form.

I offer classes.  I am trying to do one a month, either at my home or your home. If you host a class, you can earn free products.

I  offer information in most of my yoga classes. See my schedule of classes or contact me personally.

I know it is hard to change habits and in fact, there are many more ways I am exposed to toxics that I am not ready to change.  I still get my hair dyed and I wear store bought make up, but I am determined to do what I can to be healthier and I invite you to join me in this journey of health. Use this contact form to schedule a  free doTERRA wellness consultation.

I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

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Ask me about Doterra Oils.  I can save you 25% and provide you with great, useful information.

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