Sacral Chakra the Seat of your Creativity

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How do you know whether a Chakra is in balance or not?

How do you know which Chakra is out of balance and the bigger question, why is out of balance? As my yoga students and I have been exploring Chakras the past two months, we have answered these questions by conducting an inquiry into our bodies, minds and hearts.

During our Sacral Chakra Yoga class, we used several essential oils to deepen our Chakrasappreciation for our sensual self – Wild Orange  and the other citrus oils such as Bergamot are uplifting and encouraging. When we feel stuck or ravaged by life and age, our sacral area can go dormant.  If you have ever felt like you are sleeping walking through life – just getting through your day without feeling love or passion, you might be experiencing a Sacral Chakra imbalance.


Here is the routine we did for balancing our sacral chakra.  Feel free to try this at home.  Of course, you can contact me through my website.


First we tap into our spine and sacral area at the base of our spine by moving through a cat/cow sequence on hands and knees, making sure to inhale when your belly drops and head lifts and then exhale as you pull your navel to the spine looking  down at your knees (1) (2).  To keep moving this lower area of our spine in another direction, we then look sideways over our shoulder doing a C curve, making sure to keep our back in the table top position as we wag our tail the same direction. (3) Coming up on your knees, extend one leg to the side balancing and reach away from your outstretched leg. Then reach toward your outstretched leg. (4) (5) Do this Gate lock pose on both sides. Carefully come up to standing perhaps through a safe forward fold and set up  for Warrior 2. (6) To release the  front hip in this pose, come up on the ball of the front foot briefly (7) and then lower (8) being sure your knee remains behind your toes to keep them safe.  Repeat on both sides.  Lift your arm straight up to the sky with the front knee bent, stretch out your side body in a Reverse Warrior. (9) Repeat this post which is also known as Exalting the warrior on both sides.  A wonderful balance for activating your creative nature is Dancers Pose (10) If you need to set up next to a post or wall and then release your forward hand this is a great way to access this pose safely. Make sure to do this pose on both sides as well (noting any differences between the sides, without judgement).  Your body should be warmed up sufficiently to do Pigeon Pose, known as the king or queen of hip openers. (11)  Notice how I am using a bolster to even out my hips in this deep pose.  You can stay up right or fold forward to feel this pose deeply in both the front and the back of the sacral area. If you have knee issues, pigeon  should be down lying on your back.  Your last pose is a seated cobblers or butterfly pose. (12) Elevating hips on a blanket can keep your pelvis and lower back safe in this pose.  While in this pose, you might want to say the following 2nd chakra mantra VAM, VAM, VAM.


End your practice in Savassana.


When you balance your 2nd chakra, you enable yourself to experience joy and creativity without the need to overdo it.  You take good care of your body with healthy food and clean water.  Your emotions are balanced.  Leave your comments or questions below.  Namaste.


I wish you health and joy in your day!

Namaste, Andrea

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