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Wedding photo Jean and familyDon’t take my word for it – take theirs! This is what my clients are saying:

Custom Jewelry Reviews

I received many compliments on the necklace, earrings and bracelet that Andrea made for me for my daughter’s wedding.  She is so diligent she even carried my shoe to the store to match the color of the beads on the shoes.  The pieces are exquisite.  In addition, she also made necklaces to capture the colors of the wedding for the bridesmaids (the sisters of the bride).  When these pieces are worn, people comment on their beauty every time! – Jean

(They were featured in the Orlando Sentinel wearing my jewelry.)

So happy that I now have a new favorite piece in my jewelry collection and it has so much meaning and value to it. Thank you Andrea for my custom, one of a kind blue and white necklace. I enjoyed selecting the pieces and participating in the creation! You’re the best! - Monica

“Working with Andrea to design a custom jewelry set for my mother’s birthday was a beautiful experience.  I sent Andrea a picture of my mother and we talked about who she is, what colors and style of clothing she likes to wear, and why she is so special to me.  The necklace and earrings that Andrea made after our conversation was an amazing reflection of my mother, who now wears them all the time.  The thoughtfulness and love that Andrea uses in her work is obvious, taking the time to consider and ask how long a piece should be or what type of clasp is best, paying attention to all the details that make the jewelry beautiful but also practical to wear.  Her unique and carefully crafted jewelry is everything that you won’t find in a department store.”  – Anna

Beautiful jewelry made with special love for each piece from the design all the way to the completion.  Andrea’s eye for the design phase is beyond perfection.  I am very pleased with every piece of jewelry I have. - Cindy

I am so grateful to Andrea Trank and Heaven Lane Creations. I find so many stones that are spiritually significant, and I need the proper showcase. Andrea’s creativity has come through every time!  -Nancy

Jacque happy customer   Inger in Necklace Nancy wearing my necklac 230e

Private Yoga Reviews 

“I started private lessons with Andrea two months ago. She is not only compassionate and kind, but she is educated enough in her field to realize when a modification to a pose or specific anatomical attention must be paid. It has been such a relaxing and fun part of an otherwise strenuous work week. Having never practiced yoga before, I was worried I wouldn’t pick up the exercise as quickly- Andrea gives detailed and focused attention to her students. Every week brings different poses and routines so it never becomes monotonous or boring. I have never enjoyed “working out” this much. I would highly recommend Andrea to be your yoga instructor. She is cheerful, patient, and skilled- exactly what someone should want in a teacher!(not to mention always on time)!!!” - Jesse

“Andrea is so patient and helpful. She is concerned with technique to help the beginner and creates a comfortable atmosphere. I am always so relaxed and centered when I leave her class.” - Sandy W Andrea working with yoga students

“I had a private yoga session with Andrea and she was great. This was my first yoga class and I needed someone to show me the correct forms of yoga to help with my back injury. She was very patient with me and caring.”  - Tara

“Andrea is knowledgeable and personable. She tailored a yoga session specifically for our family. We highly recommend her whatever your previous experience with yoga.” -Cindy L.

“My experience with Andrea has been tremendous. She has tailored my yoga practice to fit my personal needs. I am feeling stronger mentally, emotionally and physically.” -Nathan

“It was wonderful to meet a yoga instructor who REALLY knows how to teach. She is detail oriented, which yoga is all about. She makes sure you are in the correct position before moving on, which many instruAndrea helping a yoga student in Happehatcheectors simply don’t take the time to do. I call her methods therapeutic since she’s helped my body recover from several problems. I always feel much better when I leave her studio. She’s a real gem and I’m so happy to have found her!” -Linda M.

“I attend Andrea’€™s yoga classes at the Gateway Golf & Country Club in Ft. Myers, FL. She is always on time and when we walk into the room, she greets us with her beautiful smile. There are many things that impress me about her; how she makes everyone feel comfortable right at the start of the class, greeting new people, always explaining at the beginning to not feel embarrassed if you can’€™t hold the pose as well as your neighbor –€“ not everyone is the same, yoga should not hurt. She interacts with everyone during class by walking around making adjustments if necessary, and showing options if someone is struggling. I could go on and on but these are just a few that stand out. At the end of the class, Andrea reads a poem that always has a calming message for us to take with us. Andrea is such a gem and the €œGateway Girls€ just love her.”Anne G.

Andrea and group doing tree

Experience Andrea’s personal compassionate approach to teaching yoga by contacting her.

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Designing custom jewelry to fit your wardrobe and match your personal look. Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

You can reach me through the website contact form or by emailing me at andrea@heavenlanecreations.com .  By the way I live on Heaven Lane, so my company is aptly called Heaven Lane Creations.

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