Yoga for Tennis and Golf

Yoga Keeps You in the Game

Yoga for Tennis and Golf SWFLYoga for Tennis Players, Golfers and Pickle Ball Players is offered at Country Clubs around Southwest Florida

Tennis player Andrea Trank is a RYT 200 hour Yoga Teacher. In addition,  she has completed a number of additional certifications including CPR , Yoga Anatomy and Myofascial Release. She is a competitive player in Lee County and USTA Leagues.  Her teaching career has included College, High School and Middle students in all sciences and professional education.

Andrea has designed a yoga program specifically for these athletes.  The stretches and strengthening will be geared to these sports.  Poses will be avoided that could exacerbate typical injuries.  Balance, focus, breath work and stress reduction are also included in these classes.  It is appropriate for all levels.  Get your country club to hire her today.

The yoga program will include classes on:

  • Shoulders: (preventing further damage with a series of movements to safely improve range of motion)
  • Knees: building strength in your quads and utilizing your outside of your calves and thighs to improve aligned.
  • Safely releasing lower back and hips (focusing on the piriformis and psoas)
  • Wrists and neck : Avoiding poses that might further exacerbate tender joints in these regions
  • Feet: Start noticing your habits that might be affecting their health.
  • Core Strength (its more than your six pack) and its essential for preventing injuries in these sports
  • Balance (critical in tennis, golf and life)
  • Breathing (can we get more out of our breaths and use our breaths to focus better)
  • Focus and concentration

 Yoga has kept Andrea in the game of tennis for 20 plus years.

“I attend Andrea’s yoga classes at the Gateway Golf & Country Club in Ft. Myers, FL. She is always on time and when we walk into the room, she greets us with her beautiful smile. There are many things that impress me about her; how she makes everyone feel comfortable right at the start of the class, greeting new people, always explaining at the beginning to not feel embarrassed if you can’t hold the pose as well as your neighbor – not everyone is the same, yoga should not hurt. She interacts with everyone during class by walking around making adjustments if necessary, and showing options if someone is struggling. I could go on and on but these are just a few that stand out. At the end of the class, Andrea reads a poem that always has a calming message for us to take with us. Andrea is such a gem and the “Gateway Girls” just love her.”                                                                           Anne G.

Yoga group from Gateway Country Club

Heaven Lane Yoga – Designing custom yoga classes to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

You can reach me through the website contact form or by emailing me at .  By the way I live on Heaven Lane, so my company is aptly called Heaven Lane Creations.

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