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I completed my Health Coaching Certification from the Academy of Integrative Medicine in the fall of 2019.  This certification is the culmination of years of study into methods of healing that involve Lifestyle changes. I have walked this walk for the past 40 years and am now so excited to help you heal from whatever ails you. 

Specializing in:

  1.  Autoimmune diseases Hashimoto’s, RA, MS, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, etc.
  2. Hormonal Imbalances and Adrenal Fatigue
  3. Digestive issues including
  • Chronic constipation
  • SIBO
  • IBS
  • Yeast
  • Parasites
  • Leaky Guy
  • Other forms of gut dysbiosis

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Do you Feel Out of Breath?

Is Stress Ruining Your Life?

Do You Have Trouble Calming Yourself Down?

Isn’t It Time To Take Control Over Your Health and Your Life

Imagine life without taking more medicines.  Imagine life without fear of increasing incapacitation.  This is possible through lifestyle approaches.  We can together make big strides in your health, possibly reversing or putting in remission your chronic disease, so you can get back to living.  However, this is not a quick fix.  It is attainable through daily changes in your habits that we will work on together.  I will stay on top of the latest research involving food, supplements, yoga, breathing, meditation, mindset changes and trauma release strategies.  I will be your health detective asking more and more questions until we uncover the root causes to your sickness and the current block to your healing.  I will also use some ancient, tried and true techniques from Ayurveda, a 10,000-year-old medical practice associated with yoga.  I will leave no stone uncovered as I help you heal.  My promise to you –If you follow the advice that I offer you and commit to these changes, you will feel better and live life more vibrantly no matter what you your diagnosis.  

Ready to Help You Heal!

I continue to educate myself about chronic illness.  We are learning so much about this modern day plague that now includes more than 150 diseases.  As a former science teacher and current yoga teacher,  I am determined to educate and mentor others who are looking for ways to regain their health and empower their lives with natural healing and lifestyle changes.  I offer all my clients a free 30 minutes health consultation.  If I feel I am qualified to help you, we discuss an individualized approach for you. Click on the button to set up your FREE 30 minute consultation. 

Are you frustrated with your health and need support to meet your goals? We also offer a flexible pathway to healthier living via custom designed yoga, essential oils and wellness classes and workshops specifically developed to meet your physical, emotional and health goals.

Have you reached a plateau in your Wellness Career? Since our greatest passion is helping people find success we also offer customized marketing services to help you take your wellness business to the next level and get that extra added boost you’ve been looking for!

Health Coaching

Online services focusing on your chronic health conditions including autoimmune disease, gut health, brain health and aging issues.

Essential Oils

We would love to introduce you to our doTERRA essential oils and other wellness ideas to help jump start your journey into healthy.

Wellness Marketing

We offer an opportunity to take your marketing to the next level with custom designed strategies for your Healthy Living company.

A teacher is someone who knows a set of facts and teaches you about it. A coach is someone who walks alongside you and helps you discover what is possible – what is already inside you but needs to be uncovered and nurtured. The beauty of Andrea is that she is both. She is curious and fascinated by human biology and health and knows a lot of information. She also knows how to encourage personal discovery and growth. A good coach knows how to draw out just a little more from the one she’s coaching than that person thought was possible. Not to push, which changes the relationship dynamics, but rather to maintain a positive mindset that allows others to see that next step and encourages them to take it, even if it’s just a baby step forward.

Jill L., Washington


I first met Andrea when she subbed for an instructor for a class I was taking.  When I saw that I had a different instructor, I felt disappointed.  Little did I know what an impact she would have on me.  I can’t say enough good things about Andrea.  First, and most importantly, she is a wonderful human being.  She is a very good yoga teacher.  I very much appreciate how she always is able to modify what I do if I can’t do it exactly the way I feel I should.  I am also meeting with Andrea on a weekly basis for wellness counseling.  She has helped with supplements, advice and lots of great information and encouragement that is truly helping me feel so much better.  I am so grateful to have met someone who really cares about people, is so knowledgeable, funny and kind.  I recommend Andrea to anyone who wants to improve their life.  She has truly helped me tremendously and I will be forever grateful. 

Betty, T., Florida

If you want a healthy life which to me means a happier life – look to Andrea! She is a true gift with her knowledge of how the body works. I felt secure knowing her broad and in-depth knowledge and experience in nutrition, herbal medicine, essential oils, and more! In the beginning she helped with lingering side effects from my hysterectomy, then insomnia and recently through a dreaded bout of the flu.  I was ready to go on anti-biotics but instead reached out to her. She listened to my concerns and provided me with alternatives. I followed her guidance and it made a huge difference in my recovery without taking anti-biotics and having to rebuild my healthy gut. I also love that she lives what she coaches and teaches. Another benefit is that she is a master yoga teacher, enabling her to teach how to move your body in a way that works for you. I’m thrilled to share my story. It’s so important to find a resource that listens, supports and truly cares. Plus, you might get lucky like me and get some of her homemade healthy bone broth!

Kristine, Florida

Please feel free to contact me at 239-634-0739 or andrea@heavenlanecreations.com to sign up for a consultation to discover how Heaven Lane can work with you on the path to health and happiness.

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