Welcome to Heaven Lane Healing and Creative Arts.  I  am Andrea Trank, owner and I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to experience a beautiful piece of heaven, right here on earth. Living on Heaven Lane and experiencing the beauty that surrounds me, inspires my passion for healthy living, healing yoga, nutrition, essential oils, supplements and custom jewelry creations. Today I want to share that experience with you as you explore what Heaven Lane brings your way.

Keep Up Your Yoga Practice at Home with Andrea

We will practice long-held yoga poses, breathing techniques, meditation techniques, mudras, & mantras to lower your stress levels and enhance your bodies’ ability to stay well and/or heal.

Introductory price of $5.00

Personalized “Healing Blueprint

One-on-one 45-minute Strategy Session
Custom Blueprint to Jumpstart Your Healing
Free e-book by Dr. Keesha Ewers– Solving the Autoimmune Puzzle
Clarity, confidence and focus for 2020
No more overwhelm or confusion
Invitation and discount on the upcoming online course Living Vibrantly with Chronic Conditions.

Custom Jewelry

We offer unique, hand crafted, one of a kind jewelry pieces that are made with love and customized specifically for you.

Wellness Consulting

Take advantage of our FREE 30 Minute Consultation and discover how Heaven Lane can assist you in achieving better health.

Small Yoga Classes

We invite you to experience our customized, healing yoga classes specifically designed to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

Wellness Marketing

We offer an opportunity to take your marketing to the next level with custom designed strategies for your Healthy Living company.

Essential Oils

We would love to introduce you to our doTERRA essential oils and other wellness ideas to help jump start your journey into healthy.


Don't take our word for it, find out what other people are saying about their experience with Heaven Lane Creations and Andrea. 


Heavenly workshops that incorporate yoga, healing, meditation, mala and aromatherapy bracelet jewelry design.

Etsy Store

Heaven Lane handmade jewelry creations are available via our online Etsy store. Each item is custom designed & created with love.  

Heaven Lane Healing and Creative Arts offers a unique and very customized experience designed to meet your individual needs and desires.  

Are you frustrated with your health and need support to meet your goals? We also offer a customized pathway to healthier living via specialized yoga classes (group and private), private health coaching including nutritional information, essential oils, herbs, supplements and wellness workshop courses in person or online specifically developed to meet your physical, emotional and health needs.

Are you looking for something special? I can create custom, one of a kind jewelry pieces to fit your unique style and match your personal look or the perfect accessories for an upcoming special event.

Have you reached a plateau in your Wellness Career? Since our greatest passion is helping people find success we also offer customized marketing services to help you take your wellness business to the next level and get that extra added boost you’ve been looking for!

Practice—Lessons from Downward Dogoffers a rare treasury of inspirational stories, bringing you into the heart and soul of 48 yogis who have transformed their lives through the power and practice of yoga.

Join Andrea Trank, e-RYT, Certified Memory Maintenance Yoga Instructor for a life-changing two-hour workshop on the latest research on Yoga’s role in preventing and possibly reversing cognitive decline in the early stages of Alzheimer’s and other diseases.

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Recipe of the Month Clam Chowder

Recipe of the Month Clam Chowder

 Recipe of the Month BlogDirections for Clam Chowder on the Stove 1.Drain the juice from the can of clams and use them to saute the minced shallots.  Add garlic after a few minutes.  2. Add celery or bok choy, carrots and sweet potatoes to the skillet along with 1.5...

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Are You Out of Balance?  Yoga to the rescue!

Are You Out of Balance? Yoga to the rescue!

Ayurvedic Wisdom Applied to Yoga Do you want to hibernate, stay at home wrapped up in a warm blanket reading a romance novel or binge-watching Netflix? Do you feel like you are moving through mud?  Are you craving heavy foods—sweet and creamy?  Then you may be a Kapha...

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