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Online Yoga

Have easy monthly access to all of our programs from the comfort of your home. 

Is Chronic Pain Ruining Your Life?

Health Coaching

Online services to manage your chronic health conditions.

What Do You Need to Age Vibrantly?


Learn to respond to stress in healthier ways with HeartMath® techniques.

Need Help Managing Stress and Anxiety?

Jewelry Store

Handmade Spiritual Jewelry custom designed and created with love.

Can Jewelry Be Beautiful and Healing?

What Can Heaven Lane Healing Provide For You?


  • Tools for healing from autoimmune disease, chronic anxiety, and chronic aches and pains
  • Private and Group Gentle Somatic Yoga sessions online from the comfort of your home
  • Mindfulness and HeartMath tools for emotional healing
  • Cooking classes and workshops on nutrition, essential oils, supplements and other lifestyle changes to stay healthy! (online)
  • Inspiration and Education in workshops and blogs on how to Age Vibrantly No Matter What You Are Facing
  • Teacher Wellness Programs online to help manage energy, stress, avoid burnout and stay happy in the field (in-person available for Norfolk, Virginia Beach and in parts of the Hampton Roads area)
  • Assemblies and Coaching Programs for middle, high school and college students to learn tools to emotionally self regulate, stay out of trouble, manage stress, and become more successful in school and in their relationships (online/in person programs available locally)
  •  Beautiful healing jewelry that I create with intention and attention to detail to peruse and purchase.
  • It is the where I started my  journey of healing from autoimmune diseases, gut issues and anxiety so that I can age vibrantly!

Gentle Somatic Yoga and Yin Yoga

Online Group/Private Yoga Sessions to help you:

  • Regain range of motion
  • Manage chronic conditions
  • Live with less pain or become pain-free
  • Keep all of your organs healthier
  • Breathe better

HeartMath Coaching and Training

HeartMath and Mindfulness Tools Can Help  You

  • Sleep Better
  • Breathe Better
  • Emotionally Regulate
  • Get along better with family, friends and colleagues!

Why did I become a Yoga Teacher, a Health Coach, a HeartMath trainer, and a Jewelry Designer?

There is a story to it!

I can help you if you are facing chronic conditions (illness and aches and pains) and chronic anxiety, gut issues, or stress related conditions to:

  • improve your health,
  • energy,
  • outlook and
  • lifestyle in order to age vibrantly. 

How do I do it:

by providing you with a toolbox so that you become more aware of how your body and mind reacts to stress, to food and to movement so you can make better choices for yourself.

What I don’t do is offer quick fixes, or push a specific diet or specific products – in other words, I’m not about magic bullets!

Instead, I will guide you on a personalized journey that’s based on the scientific knowledge that equips you with skills that allow you to feel great for decades to come, no matter what you’re facing​!

Are you frustrated with your health and need support to meet your goals? I hear you. I see you!  I have been you.  I was too busy taking care of others, trying to be my old self, trying to do it all.  I was a people pleaser and a perfectionist and it was stealing my health! You want to:

  •  feel normal again. 
  •  be pain free. 
  • live like other people do  
  •  have more energy and fewer days when you don’t feel like yourself.
  •  change, but do not know how. 
  • have success and not feel frustrated because you have tried everything and are ready to give up. 

Can Designing Jewelry Heal?

Beautiful Handmade Jewelry has always been part of Heaven Lane Healing & Creative Art’s Offerings. You can own a piece of your own!

Ten Reasons to Add Gentle Somatic to Your Life!

Gentle Somatic Yoga is different than traditional styles of yoga.  It can be more healing and safer for people with chronic tension and conditions!

Can You Choose to Age Vibrantly? I Think So!

Vibrant Aging has more to do with your lifestyle and mindset than your genes.  What would I say to my 50 year old self about aging vibrantly?

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