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Yoga is just one piece of your overall health and life strategy in order to be healthy.  Other crucial steps include eating the rights foods for your health based on your genetics, your life history, your current diagnosis, and your goals.  It also includes staying hydrated, sleeping the right amount and at the right time, attending to your emotional health and last, but not least, working to eliminate toxins from your life and this world. My own health journey from chronic illnesses including Hashimoto’s, panic attacks, IBS, prediabetes, thyroid issues, Gastro-paresis, chronic inflammation, leaky gut, and generalized anxiety to WELLNESS has involved a complete revamping of my life including the above steps, working with Functional Doctors, getting the proper testing and the addition of vitamins and supplements. 

With my interest in Functional Nutrition, I completed two certificates–Mind/Body/Green’s 6-month comprehensive program entitled Advanced Functional Nutrition and The Digestive Intensive from The Functional Nutrition Lab.  I have also taken dozens of stand-alone courses  in gut health, use of essential oils for healing, brain health, herbs and other holistic approaches to healing. If you wish to work with me, here is what I can provide you. 

Steps in your private wellness consulting:

  • Provide you with a comprehensive intake form
  • Discuss your needs and goals
  • Listen to your concerns
  • Provide you with a workable plan that will include actionable steps
  • Provide you with helpful resources
  • Offer Healthy Eating Recipes and Meal Suggestions
  • Suggest Vitamin supplementation that you can check with your doctor
  • Provide you with suggestions on the appropriate use of Essential Oils
  • Encourage you in reaching your goals
  • Educate you on the proper uses of herbs and other holistic treatments.
  • Help you compile a list of questions and tests that you want your doctor to perform.
  • Work with your doctor to help you attain your most vibrant health.
  • Staying on top of the latest research in the health industry.  Explain these trends to you.

My promise to you: I will never recommend something that I have not tried before and I will stick by you through your struggles.

Success story – Craig who lost 90 lbs in a year working with me. Click here to read more about his amazing journey into healthy and happy. Ask me about a FREE 30-minute phone consultation to discuss your health and wellness goals and see if I can help you in your journey! 

Ditch Starving Yourself

You have tried that before.  Sometimes the diet works and most times, it doesn’t.  Even if it works, once you stop doing the diet, you are back to old ways of eating and living. Ask yourself  “Is this real change or is this a temporary fix?”

New research on Functional Nutrition is helping us understand that to be healthy and at your ideal weight you need to:

  1. Change your mindset about food
  2. Understand your own body chemistry and what foods are the right fuels for you
  3. Reduce your consumption of sugars and industrially processed fats
  4. Educate yourself about food and nutrition
  5. Read labels and become an ingredient detective
  6. Try cooking simple meals with pure ingredients

Learning how to eat can have amazing results!

Watch how your skin clears up, your mood swings stop, and your belly fat melts away.  You will learn how to manage widely blood sugar. levels.   You might even begin to wean yourself off medicines with unwanted side effects.  All the while, you will notice more energy, fewer aches and pains, better sleep and improved mood. And everyone else is going to ask you how much weight did you lose?  You might answer, “I don’t know how many pounds. I am not getting on the scale, but I have lost fat and toxic sludge from my body.  And I look and feel great from the inside out.” I can only help you if you follow my program.

Here is how my Program Works (Your first 30 minutes is FREE)

Prior to our first session

  • You will fill out a Functional Health Intake Form
  • Begin keeping a food/mood/poop journal

During the session

  • We will review your assessments
  • We will talk about how you are feeling, what you are eating?
  • I will really listen to your words and ask the right questions to get at the deeper issues
  • We will develop a plan for the week.
  • You will be given a simple assignment or task to break down the plan into Specific Measure Steps that will build upon your last week and help move you forward.                                                                                                   

Here are the details of my services

  • Educating you about food choices and how they affect overall health and mood
  • Encouraging you to keep a food, mood, poop journal.
  • Suggesting to you recipes and meals that may help
  • Providing you with support to stay the course with positive coaching phone calls and texts
  • Listening to you and conversing about questions  that you may have about different diets and food plans
  • Sharing with you the latest research involving nutrition and health
  • Sharing with you information I have collected on supplements and vitamins
  • Teaching you breathing techniques for relaxation
  • Inviting you to my private and small group classes on Yoga for healing
  • Informing you about the safe use of essential oils for mood enhancement and replacement of potentially toxic products from their household and personal beauty routines.

After the Session

  • You will have access to my social media posts on health and wellness including recipes and resources
  • I will provide limited text and/or email support between each weekly session.  
  •  If you give me permission, I will work with your Doctor and/or other health professionals.

Rates for Wellness and Lifestyle Consulting by Andrea

  • $90 for individual  60 min. session.  Either one-time session or the first month of a package.  Can be applied to group package. (rate of $60/30min session) Paid in advance.
  • $360 for 1 month –4 (60-minute sessions online or in person) Text and email support between sessions up to 30 minutes during the month.  (rate of $90/hour-long session) 
  • $240 for 1 month — 4 (30-minute sessions live or in person) Text or email support between sessions up to 15 minutes during the month. (rate of $60.00/ hour-long session )
  • $1000.00 Buy a three-month package (60-minute sessions live or in-person weekly). 60 minutes text/email/phone support between sessions. (rate of $84/60 minute session)
  • $600.00 Buy a three-month package (30-minute sessions live or in-person weekly) 30 minutes text/email/phone support between sessions. (rate of $50/30minute session)

Available by Appointment only.  Contact me for schedule availability.  Must cancel or reschedule with 24-hour advance notice or fee will apply. No refunds on package purchases. A cancellation fee of $50 may be applicable.

Health and Wellness Coaching

Essential Oils

We would love to introduce you to our doTERRA essential oils and other wellness ideas to help jump start your journey into healthy.

Wellness Consulting

Take advantage of our FREE 30 Minute Consultation and discover how Heaven Lane can assist you in achieving better health.

Wellness Marketing

We offer an opportunity to take your marketing to the next level with custom designed strategies for your Healthy Living company.

Please feel free to contact me at 239-634-0739 or for a FREE 30-minute consultation, and discover how Heaven Lane can work with you on the path to health and happiness.

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