What is HeartMath®?

HeartMath®, founded in 1991 by Doc Childre, was developed as a system of effective, scientifically based tools and technology to help the heart connect with the mind. HeartMath® learning programs and the emWave® and Inner Balance™ self-regulation technology is based on more than 29 years of scientific research on the psychophysiology of stress, resilience, and the interactions between the heart and brain, known as coherence.

Since 1995, 300 research studies have demonstrated that the HeartMath® system can help people to emotionally regulate, reduce their feelings of stress, improve their sleep, concentrate better as well as improve physical conditions such as blood pressure, respiratory and cardiovascular health.

Who is HeartMath® for?

Anyone suffering from stress, anxiety, depression. brain fog, sleep issues and chronic conditions that are caused by stress.

How can HeartMath® Help?

Using the HeartMath® breathing practices and other mind/body techniques, studies show the following positive effects on clients they studied

  • 56% drop in depression
  • 46% drop in anxiety
  • 48% drop in fatigue
  • 38% improvement in calmness
  • 30% improvement in sleep
  • 24% improvement in ability to focus

These strategies are on-the-go methods of handling stress, calming down your nervous system, and creating resilience in your body and mind. HeartMath® is literally life-changing.

I am now a HeartMath® Certified Trainer and Trauma-Sensitive Clinical Coach

HeartMath® was the missing piece in my healing and my client’s and student’s healing. No matter how many changes that I made in my lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep, and detox strategies, my healing was being hampered by feelings of stress, overwhelm, fear, and anxiety over my chronic health conditions. In other words, I still did not feel whole. My nervous system was dysregulated.

Working with the HeartMath® tools, I have learned to self-regulate my emotions and get my heart and brain into a state of coherence.  Read more in the blogs below. Connecting with my heart opened up the place of healing as I began to realize that I had the ability to feel whole no matter what I was facing.

Blog Posts I wrote about HeartMath®

Memories on Memorial Day

Memories on Memorial Day

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Andrea Trank is an affiliate for the HeartMath® programs.

HeartMath offers science-based technologies and programs for taking charge of your life These products are based on a significant body of research and empirical evidence developed over the last 28 years.

The products and programs developed by HeartMath are proven to help individuals reduce stress and anxiety by increasing their inner balance and self-security.

While research is at the foundation it is the application in day-to-day practice that is the most significant form of validation. HeartMath has come to be used and recommended by many tens of thousands of doctor-and masters-level health professionals around the world over the past twenty years in a wide variety of physical and mental health modalities.

Click below to watch a Free video series HeartMath® Experience.

The HeartMath Experience
Inner Balance Bluetooth from HeartMath

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Andrea Trank is an affiliate for HeartMath®. She may earn a small commission from purchases through the link above.

Please feel free to contact me at 239-634-0739 or andrea@heavenlanecreations.com to sign up for a consultation to discover how Heaven Lane can work with you on the path to health and happiness.

HeartMath® and Freeze Frame® are registered trademarks of the HeartMath® Institute. emWave is a trademark of Quantum Intech, Inc. Resilient Advantage® is a trademark of Doc. Childre. 

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