HRV Is Considered a Critical Factor in Your Healthspan!

When you go to a doctor’s office, they read your pulse —usually somewhere between 50 and 80 beats/minute.  But, did you know that this is just an average of  your heart beats?  In fact, your heart rate (especially if you are healthy) should be going up and down.  This is known as Heart Rate Variability or HRV for short. The healthier you are, the more flexible your heart rate should be to meet your bodies’ ever-changing needs. 

According to Dr. Mel Hopper Kopperman, who was interviewed recently on Ari Whitten’s Podcast, The Energy Blueprint, the heart rate should go up every time you inhale and go down every time you exhale.  She and many others in the medical community are coming to recognize that HRV is a better marker of health than almost any other single marker. The good news is– you can improve your HRV through the HeartMath tools I teach and coach.  Here is a short clip of a training I recently gave to student teachers on using HRV biofeedback to manage their daily stresses in the classroom and improve their health.

Is HeartMath Just Like Meditation?

The HeartMath tools I teach are slightly different than meditation tools. They can be done in a just a few minutes and they can be done with your eyes open. I will provide more information on the differences in my Master Class I will be teaching in April. 

HeartMath tools are heart/brain coherence techniques,  in which you are synchronizing your heart waves with your brain and other systems of your body.  This creates a more efficient internal physiology.  When your body operates more efficiently, it conserves energy

These tools also help tone the Vagus Nerve, which is responsible for much of the upward communication between the organs of the body and the brain.  The Vagus Nerve is responsible for getting us into a healing state. Below is a short practice that demonstrates these concepts. I include practices like this from HeartMath into the twice weekly online yoga sessions. (Click here for more information)

Do You Want to Improve All Aspects of Your Health?

If you want to dive deeply into how to change your health by understanding HRV, the Vagus Nerve and Healing Your Nervous system, sign up for a Master Class I will be teaching online next month, Saturday April 13th at  11 am ET?  I will present you with the research and you will leave knowing several tools for incorporating HeartMath into your life.  I will also do a Q and A.  and one lucky person will win a portable biofeedback device to measure your HRV. Register here or below

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