Mala Making is a Healing Art I Offer for Your Well-being and Mine!

What makes a Mala Necklace so special? Malas have been integral to spiritual practices for over 3500 years, crafted to be touched and fingered during meditation. They are created using healing crystals, stones, shells, and seeds, with high-quality malas always knotted between each of the 108 beads to prevent them from unraveling during use.

According to the Kripalu Institute, beyond their practical use in meditation, malas offer a comforting yet uplifting sensation when held. They function akin to prisms, aiding in focusing attention and quieting the mind’s incessant chatter. Check out the following short video for how my Malas can be used.

Why 108 Beads?

The significance of the 108 stones has been explored in various articles:

  •  The distance from the sun to the earth, and the moon to the earth, is 108 times their respective diameters.
  • The dance of Shiva comprises 108 poses.
  • There are 54 letters in the Sanskrit alphabet, each with two variants—masculine and feminine.
  • Some traditions mention 108 Marma points, intersections between the subtle and physical body.
  • The convergence of 108 lines of energy forms the heart chakra

Can I Craft a Healing Mala for You?

Crafting a Mala is a deeply meditative process for me. As I design the jewelry, I keep my master crystal nearby and often play my favorite music. It involves staying connected to my heart throughout, typically taking between 3 to 5 hours to complete each mala.


In my collection, you’ll find many completed malas, each carrying its own significance through the selection of stones. Here are a few examples of the energetics of some stones I use:


– **Amethyst**: Enhances creativity, imagination, and intuition, aiding in the assimilation of new ideas.

– **Apatite**: A dual-action stone promoting personal power, clearing confusion, and stimulating intellect.

– **Agate**: Encourages pragmatic thinking, self-analysis, and acceptance while overcoming negativity.

– **Milky Quartz**: Relieves stress, purifies the mind, and heightens intuitive powers.

 These are just a glimpse of the healing properties explored in my ongoing crystal certification course. I will share more about the stones and their healing attributes in future articles. 

My beautifully crafted malas are for sale.  Prices are from $100- $250 depending on the combination of healing stones, crystals, seeds, choice of a guru bead and the time it takes me to craft it. I have recently closed my ETSY store, so you will need to reach out directly to see my collection.  Also, I’m happy to collaborate on a custom design, either online or in person in the Hampton Roads area. Feel free to reach out for more information.

Here is to Aging Vibrantly No Matter What You are Facing!


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