Exploring Your Navel Chakra Will Help You Discover Your Energetic Blockages to Self-Love

  • “I am confident and powerful”
  • “I am worthy”
  • “I can achieve anything I desire”
  • “I am open to possibilities”
  • “I am strong and courageous”
  • “I love and accept myself”
  • “I trust myself”

These affirmations support the navel chakra, known as Manipura, which means “city of jewels” in Sanskrit. When we feel strong, accept, and love ourselves, these gems sparkle. However, life’s traumas and everyday challenges can tarnish or cover this inner strength. Some of us may become rigid and inflexible, fearing that without tightly held beliefs, we will be trampled upon. This rigidity can lead to isolation and, as Yoga Poet Danna Faulds suggests, we end up using our energy to fight against the inevitable instead of flowing gracefully through life.

There are ten ways to support the Manipura Chakra!

The energy of the solar plexus chakra affects how we interact with others and how we digest world events and food. Each chakra in our main energy centers has an associated color and lotus flower. The solar plexus is represented by a yellow, ten-petaled lotus flower, with each petal symbolizing a different quality of this energy center.

Below is a list of qualities that might need your focus, according to Joseph LePage, an esteemed yoga therapist and author of Mudras for Transformation and Healing. Which one needs support?

 Join Us to Explore the Manipura Chakra in Yoga Classes Online!

Chakra healing can involve recognizing the “fires” in you such as courage or aggression, passion or obsession, or it can involve purification and refinement. The Manipura Chakra offers a unique opportunity to free ourselves from bad qualities and habits. By supporting this chakra, we can burn away doubtsand habits that hinder our happiness, including anger, envy, shame, and blame.

 If you would like to participate in our Manipura Chakra healing Yoga classes, reach out. You can attend live on Zoom at 8:15 am ET on Tuesday and/or Thursday for $15 per class or purchase the recording. If you want the whole set of Chakra healing classes, I am offering a 10% discount.

Here is to Aging Vibrantly No Matter What You are Facing!


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