Figuratively Speaking, Many of Us Are

Chronic stress is the equivalent of being chased by a lion day in and day out.  Our adrenal glands, which sit on top of our kidneys were not designed for this kind of wear and tear.  These glands are responsible for releasing Cortisol in times of extreme stress, which is very effective in the short term.  Being cut off in traffic, cortisol releases, having a fight with a friend or partner, cortisol releases, getting bad news at work, cortisol releases.  You get the picture. Day in and day out, year after year.  Top this off with eating on the run, not sleeping long enough hours and propping ourselves up with caffeine and relaxing with alchohol.  And the result is something called Adrenal Fatigue. 

But I Thought Cortisol gave us Energy!

When cortisol is released, it does, in the short-term, drive energy and sugar to our brains and to our limbs to make us run faster. Our heart rates go up, our digestion system either turns off or in extreme cases, turns on too much causing uncontrolled release of the bowels. However, in the long run, our reproductive systems stop functioning because our bodies don’t feel it is safe to reproduce. This results in irregular periods, infertility and a host of other hormonal complaints.  Constantly releasing cortisol has been shown to negatively affect our brain, gut, sexual hormones and can cause autophogy, death of cells.

“If you have too much cortisol circulating out in your system and you are not fighting a lion, then it can break down your muscles, your joints, your bones and your connective tissues,” according to Dr. Keesha Ewers, Adrenal Health Expert. 

Which Stage of Adrenal Fatigue are you in?

There are three stages of adrenal fatigue. Stage 1 usually goes unnoticed by most of us.  It might feel like you are wired and tired.  You are getting so much done, but you are starting to have more trouble sleeping, digestive problems are sneaking into you life and you might be experiencing some spaciness.

Stage 2 is much more noticeable.  You can’t get up in the morning even if you feel like you had a full night’s sleep.  You stop having a period if you are still menstruating.  Both men and women begin to lose interest in sex in this stage.  If you are a post menopausal woman, you feel like you have lost interest in many things.  Bone-dead tiredness settles in as you experience more aches and pains.  This was the stage I was in when everything started going wrong with my body and mind a few years ago. 

Stage 3 is when your adrenals are no longer working.  It can be in this stage that autoimmune disease, cancer or other serious illnesses are diagnosed.  Some times people in Stage 3 can no longer do any of their normal activities.  Organs are starting to shut down. 

There is Hope! I know and I can help you!

I am currently going through a Health Coaching Certification program through the Academy of Integrative Medicine (AIM). I am specializing in Adrenals, Hormonal Issues and Gut Problems.  I have faced and conquered all three of these issues.  Equipped with a greater understanding of your endocrine system, nutritional tools and supplements,  a keen working knowledge of yoga, Ayurveda and other lifestyle changes that will help you, and a PASSION for researching and uncovering root causes, let me be your medical detective.   Reach out and together we will get you back on the road to health.  


Please feel free to contact me at 239-634-0739 or for a FREE 30-minute consultation, and discover how Heaven Lane can work with you on the path to health and happiness.

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