Mark Nepo, a spiritual leader, author and cancer survivor… wrote it this way… “It keeps coming down to this:  There is no tomorrow, only a string of todays.  Still, like most of us, I was somehow taught,,, to fill the future with everything that matters: Someday I will be happy.  When I am rich, I will be free.  When I find the right person, then I will know love….” (The Book of Awakening, May 31st reading)

“Someday I will start taking control of my health,” is what I hear so many say!

Nepo calls it the “YES… but.”  As a certified yoga teacher, health coach and emotional coach using HeartMath and Polyvagal theory, I hear these words so often.  “I would start my yoga practices, but I need to get through the holidays first.  I would start my eating plan, but I am going on vacation. I want to have a health coach or emotional coach help me, but I am too stressed out to start now.  I want to feel better in my body, but it hurts too much to start exercising.” What are your “Yes, buts?”  For most,  fears and doubts keep us stuck in patterns that are not serving us.

Don’t get me wrong.  I understand. I have been there. But I can also tell you while the process is hard at first, the rewards are worth getting over whatever is holding you back, keeping you from starting or preventing you from committing.

To get started:

  • acknowledge the doubts, fears and excuses,
  • thank them,
  • and say to yourself, I am worth it.

Below are ten helpful hints to get you over the hump!


10 Ideas to Help You Say Yes… and!

  1. Start with the lowest hanging fruit. In other words, pick one thing that is a bit easier to do like drink more water daily or go to bed 30 minutes earlier. Do this consistently for several weeks until it gets to be a habit. This success will give you confidence to try the next thing!
  2. Savor each and every success. When we reward ourselves with positive feedback or a pat on the back, we feel good.  The brain registers this and likes it so it wants to repeat this feeling.
  3. Find an accountability partner. There is a great deal of research that even the hardest tasks feel easier when you are doing it with a partner.
  4. Chunk out what you are doing. Instead of trying 1 hour of a yoga class or a 30-minute meditation, start small like 15 minutes of yoga and 2 minutes of mindful breathing or meditating.
  5. Match your new habit with an existing habit you do daily. For instance, if you make coffee every morning, put a reminder note near the coffee pot about doing your yoga or meditating.
  6. Experiment with different styles of yoga and different forms of meditation. There is no one approach to getting healthy.  It needs to be customized to fit your likes, needs and desires.  (that is my approach)
  7. Tell many people what you are doing. This will help keep you accountable and communicate to the Universe your commitment.  Think Law of Attraction.
  8. Write out your list of ‘Why’s?” If you know the reasons you are doing something you are more likely to commit to it.  For instance, do you want to have more energy?  Do you want to feel calmer?  Do you want to live longer and spend time with loved ones?  Do you want to feel more attractive or just feel better in your body?
  9. Educate yourself on the benefits of what you are committing to doing. If you do not understand and believe in these practices then they are less likely to work for you.  This is also know as the Biology of Belief or the Placebo Effect.
  10. Hire a coach. I have hired many coaches in my journey to get healthier.  It helps to find someone who can guide, teach, empower and inspire you.  Maybe I can do that for you?  You can set up a 20 minute free discovery call with me by filling out the form on my website.
Here is a sample 10-minute video to get you started! 

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