This February on Heaven Lane we want to reflect on Love. How can we embrace love for ourselves and share love with others? How can we better love our bodies and our minds and how can we inspire others to do the same. So we decided to share a break from the busy To Do list and just enjoy a moment of poetry from a fellow friend and dear colleague Monica Garcia Saenz! 

Ordinary Angels                                                                                                

By Monica Garcia Saenz

There are divine angels
casually walking among us
dressed up as ordinary people
halos and wings hidden in plain sight
leaving invisible feathers of love in their pathway

Beautiful, majestic angels
disguised as ordinary human beings
sent to us from the heavens above
to speak love into our hearts
to spread peace into our minds
and to bring hope back into our chaotic lives

We are friends with them on Facebook
we unknowingly bump into them
at Starbucks or pass them in the grocery store
and sometimes, if we’re really lucky,
we work beside them for years
without ever really knowing or understanding
their true purpose in our lives

They sprinkle sweet words of wisdom
with each passing or casual encounter
magically sharing exactly what we long for
in that precise moment of our greatest need
answering our deepest questions
enlightening our minds
shedding light on our darkness
lifting us from our sorrows
inspiring us into greater tomorrows

Sometimes, if we pay attention,
we can see the love in their eyes
and hear the angelic song in their voice
their smile speaks a thousand words
and they are clearly love in action
teaching us how to be
reminding us of who we really are
freeing us from our invisible chains
opening our hearts and eyes
to our authentic and true divine self

And maybe, just maybe…  
if we turn off all the noise
and shut out all the negativity
we can almost catch a glimpse of them
in the hallway mirror… 
for we are all everyday,
ordinary Angels in the making.

Monica a published author, poet and self-proclaimed advocate of Self Love who is passionate about empowering women in their journey towards their personal, spiritual and professional growth. She has dedicated over 20 years of her life to studying self-development, personal growth and human spiritual evolution. Her deep connection to God and spirit is what inspires her writings and make them powerful. She recently started a Facebook Group called A Circle of Empowered Women whose purpose is inspiring mutual growth, happiness and success along with promoting Self Love and Self-Empowerment.  She has started hosting Breakfast at Monica’s, a monthly gathering of women to share a delicious home cooked meal, poetry and excerpts of her new upcoming book on Self Love. The focus of the group is to inspire the daily practice of Self Love. For more of Monica’s poetry click here.

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