Raising Your Energetic Vibration Is Not “Pollyanna”!

My husband and I have caught the Ted Lasso bug.  This show just won several Emmys including best comedy.  It has been called the greatest “feel good” show out there.  There are so many things to like including the writing, the characters, the humor, and the issues they are facing but for me, what I love most is how Ted Lasso represents what we need more of in the world—uplifting energy.  You might say it’s “Pollyanna” but the research that has been done by HeartMath for more than 30 years says otherwise.

Your emotions affect everyone around you and if you consciously shift your emotions to be more uplifting, you are not only changing your physiology to a more coherent state, but you create what HeartMath calls “social coherence” lifting up the energy of others around you.

Coherence is an Inside Job!

One of the most interesting scientific experiments that the HeartMath Institute did under the direction of its lead scientist and researcher, Dr. Rollin McCraty, involved a group of people all in the same room.  Each of them were wearing a Heart Rate Variability (HRV) Monitor which graphically showed whether they were in a state of psychophysiological coherence or not. (Read here for more on coherence)

The red line on the graph which looks like an earthquake metric is the normal state most of us are in as we move through our days with too much to do, worries, regrets, etc.  In this chart, three of the people were trained in the HeartMath® coherence tools, represented by the smooth blue line going up and down.  The fourth person had no knowledge of the tools that the rest of his or her group were practicing.  Within a few minutes, you can see that the person’s coherence matched the other’s coherence readings. In other words, their energetic fields uplifted this person’s energetic field without even saying anything. HeartMath has repeated this experiment over and over showing if we change our internal state, we change other people’s internal states as well. Research on Social Coherence can be found at HeartMath.org by searching the term Social Coherence. I found 128 entries.


How the Ted Lasso Effect Can Work in the Real World

Case in point, the other day, I was at the hairdressers waiting to get my hair done.  I noticed two women coming in the door.  I offered my seat so that they could be together.  They declined and yet they seemed a bit agitated that they had to wait 30 minutes for their appointment.  I was called to the beautician’s chair very quickly because I had made my appointment online.  I decided to do a Social Coherence experiment.  I started breathing in and out of my heart radiating love, care, and compassion to these two strangers.  I did it for a few minutes and then just enjoyed the attention I was getting from the hairdresser.

As I got up to leave, one of the women looked at me and told me what beautiful hair I had, and then she asked me “Do you teach local yoga classes?”  Now I had not said a word about my yoga.  Although, I was dressed in yoga pants, so is everyone else these days.  We had a short but very lovely conversation and both she and her friend took my card.  I may never hear from them, but it was a simple demonstration of the power of Social Coherence.  Here is a HeartMath practice to try, particularly when you do not have the words to offer someone, or your words might make the situation worse rather than better.  It is called Shift and Lift™.

We may not all be like Coach Ted Lasso and bring out the better side of everyone we connect with, however, we all have the power to shift our energies from depleting to renewing and uplift ourselves and the people around us.



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