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The road to getting sick and then getting healthy again has indeed been long with lots of twists and turns.  In the past year during the Pandemic lockdown, I continued my exploration of healing and was drawn to the path of two very unique but somewhat interrelated tools – HeartMath® and Gentle Somatic Yoga®.

As I explored these paths this year, I came upon a few common themes that are so important to anyone on a healing journey.

Three Keys to Healing!

  • Awareness 
  • Choice Points
  • Re-education

Let’s explore each of these more fully: Awareness:

Often in life, we are so outwardly focused that we miss the cues being given to us inside our Somas (bodies) about dis-ease or other chronic issues that result from a disconnect between our hearts, our bodies, and our brainsPhysically, we might experience subtle signs and symptoms for years which we ignore or numb ourselves to with over-the-counter or prescription medicines.  Emotionally, it could be a growing feeling of unhappiness or unease or stress that we try to relieve in not-so-healthy ways. Awareness is not about judging, blaming, or criticizing how and why it happened.  It is about observing what is happening inside with curiosity, neutrality, and compassion.

Choice Points Are Available With Practice

Choice Points: When we become aware of what is going on inside, there is an opportunity to educate and empower ourselves to find the best available solutions for healing.  But this process is not solely about finding practitioners to heal us, it is about understanding how our choices that we make daily can either further our healing or give our power and our health away.  Both HeartMath® and Gentle Somatic Yoga® (GSY) teach us to make different choices than what we may be accustomed to. HeartMath® tools focus on breath and replacing depleting emotions with renewing emotions– a choice point that then creates a coherent state between our hearts and brains.  In GSY, choice points become a practice of discovering ways to reconnect chronically contracted muscles or numb areas of the body to the brain through Somatic Yoga Flows and breath practices.

This short video demonstrates a Soma Scan in which we notice from the inside out.

I am now officially affiliated with Gentle Somatic Yoga® as a curriculum developer, writer, and teacher.  My HeartMath® certifications now allow me to work with individuals, small groups, and large organizations in both coaching and training.  These are the healing tools I use daily and they are working for me.  I feel compelled to share what I have learned with others and help anyone who is open to becoming more aware, learn to create better choice points, and re-educate their brain through these beautiful, accessible, easy-to-learn practices.  Join me in this remarkable healing journey!
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