Combine Western and Eastern Medicine and Belief in Yourself!

It has been two weeks since I face-planted on a concrete sidewalk.  In so many ways, like many things in my life, I am now seeing the gift in this trauma.  Here is what I did and learned from this accident that may help you in times of trouble.

  • Western medicine is great at handling emergencies. My body was checked out thoroughly at the emergency room and I was presented with a clear picture of all the injuries. But Western Medicine is not great when it comes to creative methods of healing.
  • The body starts its own healing process very quickly after an injury. It involves the following steps:
    • Step 1) bleeding from the disruption of the living tissue and swelling which draws our attention to the area and protects it from further injury.
    • Step 2) Inflammation in which white blood cells rush to the area and remove the damaged tissue.
    • Step 3) The formation of collagen by new cells as they move in to repair the injured area by stitching it back together.

      All of these processes can take up to six weeks according to a web page on injury provided by St. Elizabeth Medical Center, part of Boston University Teaching Medical complex.  Many times, we slow down the process of healing because we do not tolerate any type of sensation that feels like pain.  So we want to numb the pain or take it away quickly.

      Pain is the signal that our body is healing.  So is itching.  I must admit I had more trouble with the itching than the pain. The nerves around my eyes were so sensitive that I kept feeling like I needed to rub them.  It took a lot of willpower to keep my hands away. And I was not totally successful, which delayed the wound closing.

       Yoga 20 Creative (But Not Cheap) Tools for Healing!

      Here are all the tools I have been using during the last two weeks to assist my body in its natural healing processes. Note:  None of these were covered by insurance, so I am blessed to be able to afford these modalities of healing.  I fully understand that I am investing my money into my body.  (A new computer will have to wait!) And I fully appreciate how lucky I am to have this as a choice.

      • I visited a reflexologist who worked on my feet to relieve pain in other areas of my body that I did not feel like could be touched. This also opened up energy lines up through the 7000 plus nerve endings that start or finish in my feet.
      • I saw an Acupuncturist/Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner who strategically placed needles in very unusual parts of my body to assist in healing the trauma. She also recommended a blend of herbs designed for trauma healing, which I took for three days.
      • A dear friend lent me a Beemer PEMF mat and red-light attachment which I used twice a day to assist in cell regeneration and body healing.
      • My dear friend Cindy Beers, a highly experienced yoga teacher and hypnotherapist,  used hypnotherapy on me to release the emotional trauma.
      • I purchased a crystal blood stone and put it against my skin to help with crystal healing energy.
      • I took Arnica by mouth until the wounds healed well enough to put the cream directly onto the injuries.
      • I applied ozonated coconut cream and aloe to the scars on my face and hand. Then when the skin closed up, I started using this scar cream recommended by a dear friend who happens to be Sarasota’s top plastic surgeon. His encouraging words were so helpful in eliminating fears over the scars that were so noticeable in week one but were nearly gone by the time of this newsletter.
      • I listened to healing music and rested a lot on my biomat

      20 Creative (But Not Cheap) Tools for Healing Continued!

      • I drank lots of soups, teas, vegetable juices and smoothies. And ate very lightly.  Food takes energy to digest.  My healing needed energy.
      • During the first week, I was not able to sleep very well, but I rested a lot on the sofa binge watching TV.
      • By week two, I was drop dead exhausted. Every afternoon I took a long nap.  I also slept soundly at night but still woke up tired. I added back in my supplements.
      • Throughout the whole time, I welcomed and gladly accepted all the love, flowers, kind words, and attention from family and friends. In fact, a dear friend came to stay a few days after Mark had to go back to work. She kept me company, we walked and cooked together.
      • I listened to podcasts and other inspirational healing messages.
      • I endlessly researched creative ways to heal from a traumatic accident. Education and empowerment!
      • I used all of my emotional regulation and breathing tools to make sure that I was staying in an uplifted state for healing. HeartMath to the rescue again.
      • I started doing and teaching my Gentle Somatic Yoga again and some gentle myofascial release. This helped both physically and mentally!  I took it easy.
      • I wrote, took pictures and documented the healing process to remind myself that “THIS TOO SHALL PASS!”
      • I was dogged with my practices, which meant no rushing out to do things. Slow and deliberate became my theme. In fact, it took me 90 minutes to go grocery shopping. Mark was waiting in the car with Sophie.  He said they could have grown the food in the time I was in Whole Foods.
      • During recovery from injury or illness, it is best to think of this as your full-time job. In other words, making healing your top priority.
      • One thing to do quickly is to catch depleting emotions such as judgement, guilt, or shame as you are healing. I remember walking into a store and feeling the need to explain why my face looked the way it did.  I was ashamed of the way I looked.  The cashier smiled and said he had not noticed.
      • I decided to delay a root canal even though the dentist was recommending it quite quickly because my body does not need another trauma to deal with right now.
      • I am spending as much time as I can in nature, however I am carefully covering the scar with sunscreen to avoid discoloration of my skin.

      My Journey Informs My Approaches to Your Health!

      Throughout this experience I am reminded that I leave no stone uncovered when it comes to being healthy.  This is the same approach I take with my clients.  If you need a compassionate, brave, caring health coach, emotional coach and yoga teacher in your corner when you are facing health challenges, I am here for you.  I walk the walk every single day. 

      Wishing you a beautiful, healthy, safe holiday season,



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