You Cannot Force the Law of Attraction by Sheer Will!

The Law of Attraction is a very interesting concept. I have been learning a different take on it based on Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work.  The biggest take away from the 30-day challenge that I did with a friend who is deep into his teachings is the need to let go of control of the details in your attention.  In other words, the more you try to direct how the abundance will show up, the more you struggle with making things happen.  This may sound counter intuitive and I definitely would not have believed it had I not been experiencing it of late.

 Abundance Takes Many Unexpected Forms

Case in point, last year I had an intention of creating abundance through more collaborations.  I did end up collaborating with some large and small organizations to bring Gentle Somatic Yoga and HeartMath tools for emotional regulation to many more people in the world.  But right at the time the Hurricane hit, much of this work dried up suddenly. That was a good thing since I had a lot to do to get back on my feet.

I was initially concerned but then I remembered one of the biggest takeaways from Dr. Dispenza is that when the Law of Attraction is working, you will often be taken by surprise at its manifestation.  As Dr. Dispenza puts it, if you know exactly what to expect, then you are living in the past.  On the other hand, your future is completely unknown to you. To enter the future that you want, you need to feel the emotions before you receive whatever it is you are seeking.  Dr. Dispenza reiterates again and again the outcome will likely surprise you as to what form it takes.   This is what is happening to me right now!


Jewelry Creating and Abundance Was Not What I Was Expecting!

After the hurricane, I thought I was done designing jewelry as part of my business.  (Read here for that story) Then out of the blue jewelry opportunities and creativity were flying at me in ways that I could not imagine.  I am back at the design table and my creations could not be prettier or more energetically aligned with my mission.  This weekend, I sold four meditation malas, 10 pairs of Chakra earrings, 4 anklets, seven necklaces, 17 pairs of other earrings that I made last year and probably a lot more than I am counting. It was all so surprising to me and the positive feedback from my designs helped me stay in an uplifted state.

The Bottom Line is Pay More Attentions to your Emotional State than the Outcome!

According to Dr. Dispenza, your intention must be matched by uplifted emotions to be fulfilled.  But once again that does not mean it can be directed by you pushing too hard in one direction or another.  You just need to keep moving forward, stay positive and stay open to how the Universe will create your best intention. 

So I have no idea of what will happen next, but I am continuing to stay open to how the Universe will support my efforts to share ways to feel good, look good and  Age Vibrantly No Matter What You Are Facing! If you need help in staying in a uplifted state, that is one of my specialities. Reach out to discover how I can help you!


With Heart,




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