Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times in Balancing the Throat Chakra

Ancient yogis believed the Throat Chakra to be so important that it had the most Lotus petals in the representation of it than any other lower Chakras (the Crown Chakra is represented with 1000 petals of crystal light, however, some believe this is not really a Chakra, but a representation of our spiritual connection with all of life). Physically, the throat chakra, with its 16 petals,  is related to imbalances such as thyroid disease, allergies, ear, nose, and throat issues, and disorders of the neck, jaw, and mouth.  On a deeper level, the throat chakra petals include facets of your being that if balanced can lead to a happier, healthier, kinder, more authentic way of living.

Vishuddha, which is the Sanskrit word for the Throat Chakra, literally translates to purification. According to esteemed Yoga therapist and author Joseph LePage, the 16 petals represent the following facets of living which, if imbalanced, can create issues in our lives (*Yoga teachers take note that these are some of the same Yamas and Niyamas, ethical guides to living that you may have learned during your yoga training).

  • Commitment
  • Purification
  • Discipline
  • Self-study
  • Discernment
  • Faith
  • Nonattachment
  • Simplicity
  • Conscious Presence
  • Equanimity
  • Lightness
  • Grace
  • Wholeness
  • Inner Silence
  • Bliss
  • Surrender

16 Affirmations for 16 Throat Chakra Imbalances

If commitment is eluding you, then try repeating the following affirmation: “I recognize my true being is my life purpose and meaning.”

If you need to purify your thoughts, words, or deeds, try this: “I release my limiting beliefs to reveal my true inner being.”

If you are having difficulty in being disciplined in your healthy practices: “My consistent practice is my first priority.”

If you need to activate more self-study to uncover your own limiting tendencies: “I courageously examine all my limiting ways of seeing and being.”

If discernment is an issue as you make choices that align your heart with your words: “I always reflect on whether my thoughts and deeds guide me to my true inner being.”

If you find your faith being tested: “I replace fear with absolute faith that I am on the right path.”

If you feel too attached to things, the past, or people in your life: “I release all that keeps me bound to my conditioned personality.”

If you want to simplify your life and let go of doing more and needing more: “Through living simply, I focus on what really matters in life.”

If you find your focusing on one task at a time is a problem: “I live consciously in the present moment.”

If outside events cause you to lose your emotional balance and equanimity easily: “I remain centered in my inner being no matter what is happening around me.”

If you take everything too seriously and personally: “I receive all that life brings me as a gift and blessing and react with lightness and ease.”

If you feel a lack of grace and that the Universe is not friendly: “I am guided unfailingly at each step of my journey.”

If you don’t feel whole or feel defective, incomplete, or lacking something: “I live in the wholeness of my true being which is inherently complete.”

If you can’t find inner silence because your mind is so busy  throughout the day: “My inner being is naturally silent and at peace.”

If you have difficulty in finding bliss and joy from within: “I experience joy as my very nature.”

If you need to be in control of everything and have trouble with letting go and surrendering to a higher power: “I surrender to (whatever word you use for God) that is also in me as my true being.”

I adapted all of these from Joseph LePage, with whom I learned from during the past three months. Affirmations are simple yet powerful ways to communicate internally with your physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. You can try saying them three times out loud, three times a bit softer, three times whispering and three times silently. You can also write them out and put them on post-it notes around your home to remind you.

In my yoga classes, we delve deeply into affirmations, as well as other healing practices such as mudras, meditation, asanas and HeartMath tools so that you can access more tools for your life’s journey. Join us. 



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