Deeper Levels of Healing

Deeper Levels of Healing

Peeling the Layers of an Onion! I started my healing journey thirty-plus years ago when I walked into Cynthia’s yoga class.  I had been on medical leave from my teaching job diagnosed with gastroparesis, a very scary-sounding diagnosis – aka stomach paralysis.  I was...
Somatics Repattern Your Muscles and Your Nervous System

Somatics Repattern Your Muscles and Your Nervous System

Gentle Somatic Yoga is Tailor-Made for People with Chronic Pain Did you know that the root cause of most chronic muscle pain is sensory-motor amnesia (SMA)?  In simple terms, years after you have recovered from a trauma to the body or emotional trauma, you can still...
The Healing Power of  Your Hands

The Healing Power of Your Hands

Hand Mudras are an Ancient Healing Tool Used in Yoga Did you know that your hands hold an innate energetic power that has been used for centuries for healing various ailments? I have recently become fascinated with these hand gestures, known as Mudras, and how they...
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