“Anything you can do to activate your Vagus Nerve daily is like personal hygiene” 

This was the message from Jodi Cohen, NTP, one of a dozen experts I learned from this week during a Webinar for improving your Vagul Tone for health.

The Vagus Nerve Plexus is the superhighway of nerves between your brain and your body.  Through the Vagus Nerve, your body will get messages from the brain like “Stay on Alert, Danger is Coming” or “You can relax now.  Everything is OK.”  Developing Vagul tone is resilience training for your body and mind. 

Poor Vagul Tone is Connected to the Following Physical and Emotional Conditions

  • Inflammation
  • Anxiety and panic attack
  • Gut issues (slows down your migrating motor complex, which can lead to low acid)
  • Leaky Gut
  • Blood Sugar Issues
  • Malabsorption of nutrients
  • Fatigue

The bottom line according to Niki Gratix, BA, Dip, ION, NANP, “If you are in a stress state, you cannot heal.”

How do you train your Vagus Nerve?

Through most of what I teach and coach daily including yoga, special breathing techniques, meditation, tapping, positive affirmations, and using essential oils.

HeartMath: The more you increase your Vagul tone, the higher your Heart Rate Variability is.  That is not the same as the Heart Rate.  Variability measures your heart rate’s ability to come back to coherence after a stressful event.

In other words, when your heart rate goes up because of something upsetting, it can quickly reset itself to the calm state, much like your pets are able to do.  Through my HeartMath Certification, I can train you to get into this coherent state through breathing and affirmations. Find out more about HeartMath Health Coaching Sessions Here

Let’s Get Your Vagus Nerve working properly so that you can stay healthy or “Get on the Road to Healing”  Reach out to me at andrea@heavenlanecreations.com  for a FREE 20-minute consultation, and discover how Heaven Lane Healing & Creative Arts can work with you on your path toward greater health and vibrancy. 

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